Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Federal Appeals Court Upholds UT-Austin Admissions Standards

Hot off the press in the Houston Chroncile from the AP:

A federal appeals court has ruled that the consideration of race and ethnicity in the admissions standards at the University of Texas at Austin is legal.

The three-judge 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel in New Orleans upheld on Tuesday a 2008 lower-court ruling that UT didn't infringe on the civil rights of two white, female students who were refused admission to that year's freshman class.

Abigail Fisher and Rachel Michalewicz had alleged that the university violated their constitutional right to equal protection.

Patricia Ohlendorf, UT legal affairs vice president, said she was pleased with the ruling. The women's attorney, Bert Rein of Washington, D.C., said he was disappointed in the outcome.

It is amazing to me that people who are not academically prepared to attended a school like UT are allowed admittance in order for the school to be PC fashionable. I wonder how many of those admitted under the "race and ethnicity in the admissions standards" finish their degrees and are prepared for the world? Very few, I would bet!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

This was the music of my youth. Being a trumpet player, I LOVED listing to Chicago, Blood, Sweat and Tears, and Chase.

Chase cut three albums and I had two of them growing up. They are somewhere in the house and I may dig them out sometime.

In the meantime, I will enjoy listening to them on YouTube.