Friday, February 29, 2008

Bonds Grand Jury Testimony Ordered Unsealed

An American judge ordered Barry Bonds' grand-jury testimony to be unsealed and asked prosecutors to re-write the perjury case against Major League Baseball's home-run king, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Friday.

Judge Susan Illston ordered the unsealing of Bonds' 2003 testimony during the federal court hearing at the US District Court building.

I will read the testimony as soon as I can find time and post comment on this forum.

Perhaps the truth and appropriate penalities will come out after all.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

US Sends Warships to Mediterranean

The U.S. Navy is sending three ships to the eastern Mediterranean Sea in a show of strength during a period of tensions with Syria and political uncertainty in Lebanon.

We need to show these countries that we will not put up with any nonsense from them and theirs.

Thank God for good, old American "Show Of Force." More on this as it develops.

"Better to fight for something than live for nothing." - General George S. Patton

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First Strike in 1993: Global Terrorism in the United States

I got this from the FBI website. It does bring back memories and gives one food for thought.

Fifteen years ago yesterday, at about 17 minutes past noon, a thunderous explosion rocked lower Manhattan.

The epicenter was the parking garage beneath the World Trade Center, where a massive eruption carved out a nearly 100-foot crater several stories deep and several more high.

Six people were killed almost instantly. Smoke and flames began filling the wound and streaming upward into the building. Those who weren’t trapped were soon pouring out of the building—many panic-stricken and covered in soot. More than a thousand people were hurt in some way, some badly, with crushed limbs.

It was Friday, February 26, 1993, and Middle Eastern terrorism had arrived on American soil—with a bang.

As a small band of terrorists scurried away from the scene unnoticed, the FBI and its partners on the New York Joint Terrorism Task Force began staffing up a command center and preparing to send in a team to investigate. Their instincts told them that this was terrorism—they’d been tracking Islamic fundamentalists in the city for months and, they’d later learn, were tantalizingly close to encountering the planners of this attack. But hunches weren’t enough; what was needed was definitive proof.

They’d have it soon enough. The massive investigation that followed—led by the task force, with some 700 FBI agents worldwide ultimately joining in—quickly uncovered a key bit of evidence. In the rubble investigators uncovered a vehicle identification number on a piece of wreckage that seemed suspiciously obliterated. A search of our crime records returned a match: the number belonged to a rented van reported stolen the day before the attack. An Islamic fundamentalist named Mohammad Salameh had rented the vehicle, we learned, and on March 4, an FBI SWAT team arrested him as he tried in vain to get his $400 deposit back.

One clue led to another and we soon had in custody three more suspects—Nidal Ayyad, Mahmoud Abouhalima, and Ahmed Ajaj. We’d also found the apartment where the bomb was built and a storage locker containing dangerous chemicals, including enough cyanide gas to wipe out a town. All four men were tried, convicted, and sentenced to life.

The shockwave from the attack continued to reverberate. Following the unfolding connections, the task force soon uncovered a second terrorist plot to bomb a series of New York landmarks simultaneously, including the U.N. building, the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels, and the federal plaza where our office in New York is housed. On June 24, 1994, FBI agents stormed a warehouse in Queens and caught several members of a terrorist cell in the act of assembling bombs.

Meanwhile, the mastermind of the World Trade Center bombing was still on the run—and up to no good. We’d learned his name—Ramzi Yousef—within weeks after the attack and discovered he was planning more attacks, including the simultaneous bombing of a dozen U.S. international flights. Yousef was captured in Pakistan in February 1995, returned to America, and convicted along with the van driver, Eyad Ismoil. A seventh plotter, Abdul Yasin remains at large.

We later learned from Yousef that his Trade Center plot was far more sinister. He wanted the bomb to topple one tower, with the collapsing debris knocking down the second. The attack turned out to be something of a deadly dress rehearsal for 9/11; with the help of Yousef’s uncle Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, al Qaeda would later return to realize Yousef’s nightmarish vision

Remember, this all happened on President Bill Clinton’s watch. If my memory serves me, he views this attack as a criminal act and not terrorism.

If Hillary or Obama become the President of the United States, there is a strong possibility this could happen again. If is does, it will be much worse.

You know terrorist cells around the world are very closely watching the upcoming presidential election . They feel that if Hillary or Obama gain the White House, it will be open day on America. That could make February 26, 1993 and September 11, 2001 look like child’s play.

“This was not an act of terrorism, but it was an act of war.” - President George W. Bush

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Obama's Somali Robe Flap

Much has been written about the robes that Barack Obama wore during a trip to Somalia a few years ago.

I have no affection for or any desire to see this man win the White House. In fact, I feel he would do so much damage to the country that we may never recover.

With that said, I feel the time is right to post my thoughts and opinions on this subject.

The man was acting out of respect for his guests. I see nothing wrong with what he did. I have travelled around the world and have found myself in situations where I had to conform to local customs.

Obama was doing what any polite person would do. I have seen may Heads of State and various important people do the same thing.

Most fingers are pointing in the direction of Hillary Clinton and her campaign for sending the photo to the "
Drudge Report" in an attempt to discredit Obama and his campaign.

Of course, she and her campaign staff is denying the accusation. But what if she is telling the truth.

What if Obama leaked the photo in an attempt to make HIS campaign look under attack.

I know that my proposal is far-fetched, but it is possible. This would be an excellent way to further drag down Hillary's campaign before the primaries in Texas and Ohio. Obama plays the victim and comes out smelling like a rose.

This is just some food for thought. I will keep abreast of this story and see where it goes.

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

Monday, February 25, 2008

Roger Clemens to be Investigated for Perjury

A Congressional committee has taken the first steps toward asking the Department of Justice to launch a criminal investigation into whether Roger Clemens committed perjury during testimony about his use of performance-enhancing drugs, according to three lawyers familiar with the matter.

It has been reported in various media sources.

The New York Times


New York Post

ABC 13-Houston

The plot thickens. Stay tuned for further developments.

“The greatest crimes do not arise from a want of feeling for others but from an over-sensibility for ourselves and an over-indulgence to our own desires” Edmund Burke (British Statesman and Philosopher, 1729-1797)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nader to Enter Presidental Race

The Houston Chronicle has an article stating that Ralph Nader is launching his bid for a third-party campaign for president.

The consumer advocate made the announcement Sunday on NBC's Meet the Press. He said most Americans are disenchanted with the Democratic and Republican parties, and that none of the presidential contenders are addressing
ways to stem corporate crime and Pentagon waste and promote labor rights.

Nader also ran as a third-party candidate in the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections. He is still loathed by many Democrats who call him a spoiler and say his candidacy in 2000 cost the party the election by siphoning votes away from Al Gore in a razor-thin contest in Florida.
I say more power to him. In his last two Presidential bids, he took votes away from the Democrats. Perhaps that will also happen in 2008.

"That's thirty minutes away. I'll be there in ten." - Winston 'The Wolf' Wolfe as played by Harvey Keitel in the movie "Pulp Fiction."

Obama's Patriotism in Question (As It Should Be)

Questions have arisen in many people's mind about the patriotism of Obama Barack. This issue might come into play in the general election.

Obama has made it clear with his refusal to wear an American flag lapel pin along with a photo of him not putting his hand over his heart during the National Anthem that he does not view these acts as an indication of his lack of patriotism.

If this was a one-time thing, many could and would dismiss it. However, add this to the fact that his wife stated recently that she is really proud of her country for the first time in her adult life and question should come forward.

I, for one question his and her patriotism. I think others should also be questioning it. If this man will not show the proper respect for the flag then how can he be expected to be the Commander-in-Chief of the United States?

Even Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton show proper respect for the flag and the National Anthem by placing their hand over their heart.

I have a big problem with this. I was raised to this day to show proper respect for the flag or our country and the people who picked up a weapon and defended our country.

I hope more people view this same way I do. I hope more bloggers notice this and post on it. I hope the people, bloggers, and the media take him and his wife to task on this.

If he is elected President, he will be a terrible example of the USA and the leader of our country. I shutter to think what will happen if he gains the White House.

“If you can't get them to salute when they should salute and wear the clothes you tell them to wear, how are you going to get them to die for their country?” - General George S. Patton Jr.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

State of the Black Union 2008

I posted a piece on September 20, 2007 about the Black National Anthem. I raised the question of why blacks, or anyone for that matter, need a separate national anthem for their race. Again I find something that raises a similar question.

"Why does a race need a State of the Union meeting?"

This forum is being held in New Orleans at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
Conference Auditorium. Click
here to view information on the forum. It was stated in the mask head of the site that the purpose of the meeting is to "Reclaiming Our Democracy, Deciding Our Future."

I do not understand why a race needs such a meeting, but if whites held the same type of meeting (for example; State of the White Union), people would be up in arms that it was racist.

The meeting was hosted by Tavis Smiley and Tom Joyner and includes New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Donna Brazile, and Sheila Jackson Lee.

It has been reported that Barack Obama was invited to attend but declined to attend, causing some stir in the African-American community. In a letter sent to Smiley, Obama offered to send his wife Michelle, but Smiley declined to have her participate.

This could possibly push some black voters to back Clinton if they see Obama's absence as a slight.

In any case, I still do not understand why it is acceptable for Blacks to host such a forum, but Whites would be chastised if they did the same.

I can understand a group whating to meet and address issues that ate important to them, but what goes for one should go for all. I have felt this way about Black Miss America, Hispanic Miss American, Black All American football teams and anything that seperates the races.

Everyone should get on the same page and go forward. RACE DOES NOT MATTER!!! WE ARE ALL AMERICANS!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Smoking Gun? Photo of Clemens at Canseco's Party

Brian McNamee's lawyers have informed the Justice Department that there is a picture that was supposedly taken of Roger Clemens at Jose Canseco's Miami home during a 1998 party that has become a central point of contention in the aftermath of the Mitchell Report.

You can read the story in the Houston Chronicle by clicking here.

Could Clemens have committed perjury and bring looking at an indictment? Check back for further developments.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gene Hackman: "Crimson Tide"

I have insomnia again. I guess it is getting over the flu and my sleep habits.

Anyway, I am up watching television. On TBS, the movie "Crimson Tide" is on. One of the best speeches in a movie in shown below. It is known as the "Crimson Tide Speech." I realize that this is only a movie and Gene Hackman is only an acotr, but everytime I see and hear it, chills go down my spine and I feel proud. It is a shame we don't have more speeches in real life like this.

I have posted it below. Watch and listen. I think it is amazing. When the yell "Go Bama..Roll Tide'" one just feels inspired.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

McCain: Bush Should Veto Torture Bill

Republican presidential candidate John McCain said President Bush should veto a measure that would bar the CIA from using waterboarding and other harsh interrogation methods on terror suspects.

McCain is well known for his opposition to waterboarding, but he doesn't want the CIA being bound by using only the 19 interrogation techniques listed in the Army field manual
I am glad to see this. I feel the CIA should have broad discretion when it comes to questioning terror suspects.

Personally, I could not care less about the rights of someone who is planning to terrorize the United States. The CIA should have the power to do whatever needs to be done to extract information to save American lives.

“When you put your hand into a bunch of goo that a moment before was your best friend's face, you'll know what to do.” - General George S. Patton, Jr. as portrayed by George C. Scott in the movie "Patton".

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Castro Resigns...What McCain, Obama, and Hillary Think

Fidel Castro has stepped down as the President (and whatever other titles he has bestowed upon himself over the years) of Cuba.

I have been surfing the net looking for reactions. I wondered what John McCain, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton think about this?

McCain made his thoughts known early:

“We must press the Castro regime to release all political prisoners unconditionally, to legalize all political parties, labor union and free media, and to schedule internationally monitored elections.”

Obama was quoted:

“Fidel Castro’s stepping down is an essential first step, but it is sadly insufficient in bringing freedom to Cuba. Cuba’s future should be determined by the Cuban people and not by an anti-democratic successor regime. The prompt release of prisoners on conscience wrongly jailed for standing up for the basic freedoms too long denied to the Cuban people would mark an important break with the past.”

In addition, Obama said that the United States should be prepared to take steps to normalize relations with Cuba and to ease the longstanding embargo on trade with the island nation, if its government “begins opening Cuba to meaningful democratic change.”

Clinton stated:

“I would say to the new leadership, the people of the United States are ready to meet you if you move forward toward the path of democracy, with real, substantial reforms.”

Obama thinks the United States needs to ease the embargo of Cuba. Why does that not surprise me after posting about his Houston headquarters having a Cuban flag with the image of Che Guevara on it hanging on a wall.

Clinton said the USA is ready to mean they if Cuba moves forward towards democracy. Note the words "moves forward towards democracy" and not "become a democracy."

McCain stated what Cuba needed to do. I can go with that. I wish he issued a more forceful statement, but it was definitely better than the statements of Oprah's Love Child or The Super Bitch.

"Now I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country." - General George S. Patton , Jr. as portrayed by George C. Scott in the movie "Patton".

Monday, February 18, 2008

Barack Obama and Che Guevara

Over at Little Green Footballs, there is a post about Barack Obama's campaign office in Houston. Posted are photos and videos of the office with a Cuban flag and a picture of Che Guevara on it. It is hanging in two different places in the office.

Click here to see the photos and the post.

Over at Lone Star Times, there is more extensive information about this.

I wonder what his national campaign office has to say about this? I know this news is one week old, but it is new to me. I guess being ill last week took me more out of the loop than I realized.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Al Sharpton: Race a Factor in Steroids Scandals

Al Sharpton said Saturday that he believes the U.S. government has been pursuing black athletes more aggressively than white athletes in scandals over performance enhancing drugs.

In his weekly address to followers in Harlem, Sharpton compared the treatment of Barry Bonds to the treatment of Roger Clemens.

Sharpton said the members of Congress who were there for the hearing, "treated Roger Clemens like they were at a fan club meeting." He questioned why a steroids scandal had landed Bonds in trouble, but no white athlete of a similar standing.

Out of the mouth of Al Sharpton. He stirs up more troble each and every time he opens his mouth. It bothers me he is given so much credibility in the media. He is a rabble-rousing race baiter who only interest is himself and how any situation can benefit Al Sharpton.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Shootist

I am sitting up watching "The Shootist." It was John Wayne's last movie. No actor can compare to The Duke. I grew up watching his movies and at the age of 54, I am still a big fan.

He was a man's man. Every kid I knew growing up looked up to him. I wanted to be just like him. He was honest, upstanding, and a fine role model for America's youth.

In the movie, they state that John Bernard Books (Wayne's character) lived by a creed. It went like this:

I won't be wronged. I won't be insulted. I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same from them.

I have always tried to live by those words. I even have them posted behind the desk in my classroom along with a few other quote from Wayne's movies and a few photos of him.

We sure could use a man like John Wayne around now-a-days. He was a comfort to watch in a movie and make one proud to be an American.

If you get a chance to watch the movie, please do. It is one of Wayne's best.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Putin -vs- Hillay: ROUND 1

When Hillary Clinton said, way back in New Hampshire, that Vladimir Putin "doesn't have a soul," I knew Putin would not remain quite for long.

He was asked about the remark at his press conference yesterday and had a very unique comment.

Putin came across as only a former KGB agent-old school Communist Soviet could. He was quoted saying, "At a minimum, a head of state should have a head."

I never thought I would agree with a old style Communist but he hit the nail right on the head.

Hillary Says Obama Scared to Debate

In this campaign ad in Wisconsin, Hillary Clinton accuses Barrack Obama of skirting a televised debate because he would prefer to give speeches than have to answer questions.

How childish the Democratic campaigns have become. What is going to happen next? Perhaps Obama will call Hillary a "doo-doo head" and Obama will say Hillary has "coodies."

These you are going to go after each other more and more. It is fun to watch how these two attack each other.

Democrats ALWAYS think and act with their hearts and emotions instead of their heads. Remember Hillary and her two crying spells.

With that, I leave you with an eternal question and something to think about: "Is a pearl oyster poo or oyster barf?"

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Romney Backs McCain

Former Republican campaign Mitt Romney endorsed John McCain for the party's presidential nomination and asked his national convention delegates to swing behind the likely nominee.

"Even when the contest was close and our disagreements were debated, the caliber of the man was apparent," the former Massachusetts governor said, standing alongside his one-time rival at his now- defunct campaign's headquarters. "This is a man capable of leading our country at a dangerous hour."

I know Romney is setting up for future Presidental bids, but could he also be setting himslef up for a possible cabinet post?

The plot thickens. Stay tuned for further developments.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Clemens, McNamee Both Lied?

After almost five hours, the thing ended pretty much where it began. We learned that Roger Clemens apparently had told some lies and that Brian McNamee lacks credibility.

If you thought otherwise, you haven't been paying attention. Even if everything McNamee said is true, his testimony is unlikely to send anyone to jail.

As Rep. Tom Davis said at the end of the day, each of us will have to make up our mind about who we believe.

For Clemens, though, the really tough part is just beginning. IRS special agent Jeff Novitzky was in the hearing room. So were six FBI agents.

Their presence means that Clemens is going to be the object of a federal criminal investigation that could go on for weeks, if not years. He should ask Barry Bonds how it feels to get up each and every morning wondering if that's a fun way to live.

Did Clemens succeed in getting his good name back? No, he didn't. But as he said, he may never be able to do that.

Some will always suspect him of cheating. They will use the damning testimony of Andy and Laura Pettitte and the timing of contact with a former nanny.

This case will continue fo a long time. Stay tuned for updates.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Relasp with the Flu

I went back to school today, after being out ill since this past Wednesday. I may have rushed it is bit. I am still feeling sick to my stomach and the chills and fever keep coming back.

Oh well, I will muddle through and do what I can. I must realize that I am not as young as I used to be.

Take care and more later.

Monday, February 11, 2008

McNamee: "I Injected Debbie Clemens With HGH"

According to a Washington source, former trainer Brian McNamee told congressional investigators that he injected Roger Clemens' wife, Debbie, with HGH before she appeared with Roger in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue in 2003.

She has a post on her website ( about this specific incident.

"Roger came to me one day and told me that we had been asked to do a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated," Debbie Clemens recalls. "I had major anxiety! I was a 39-year-old mother of four! Once I realized that this WAS going to be a reality, I decided I had to give it everything I had. My mind was set. I am not a risk taker, but have since learned that with great risk, sometimes comes great reward. The responses from that experience have been wonderful and I feel it was a turning point in my life. It's nice to have a goal for yourself and to see it through. The goal kept me motivated and focused. Using common sense and my ability to balance my life, I achieved that goal."

McNamee says that he injected her with HGH at Roger Clemens' direction in the master bedroom of their Houston home.

Now answer me this? Does this look like the body of a 39-year-old mother of four? I think not! I do not care if you are a personal trainer, workout everyday, and can hire a slew of trainers to help get your body into shape. Those abs are manufactured, along with some other parts of her body.

Look at that body. There is no doubt in my mind that she did not get in that type of shape without the help of drugs. It would take a person years and years of serious training to have a body like that.

If McNamee did inject her with HGH, then that is their business. However, it could be construed that this is a smoking gun. If she was using HGH and it was on the suggestion of her husband, would it not be logical to assume that Roger was also using HGH.
I could picture this actually happening. Sports Illustrated approaches Clemens about a photo spread with he and his wife. His wanting to maintain his macho image and having a wife who looks as hot as he is buff would certainly boost his popularity and possibly his bank account.

In the scheme of things, does this really matter in the world if Roger Clemens used performance-enhancing drugs? No, it does not. What is at steak is the reputation of a person who used shortcuts to further his career and the integrity of the sport said person competes in.

Professional sports have become about money; nothing more and nothing less. Professional athletes are performers. They are there to entertain the masses. That is what they are paid to do. When money is involved, people will do anything to get to the top and stay there. Clemens is no exception. He liked being on the top and was willing to do anything to remain there. A blind man could see it.

What will nail Roger Clemens wilis his refusal to tell the truth when questioned under oath. They nailed Marion Jones for it. They nailed Martha Stewart for it. They will eventually nail Barry Bonds for it.

Clemens will find out what it is like to a felon very soon. The testimony of Clemens and McNamee will speak volumes on Wednesday.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bush: "McCain is a TRUE Conservative"

John McCain is a "true conservative," President Bush has stated.

That is not good enough for me. I want a "TRUE 'true conservative.'" I do not want to be forced to vote for a "lesser of two evils."

I may have no choice not to vote for McCain if we are to keep Oprah's Love Child or SuperBitch out of the White House.

Things used to be so much simpler. I wish Mr. Peabody or Dr. Emmett Brown were around now. Take me back to a time went conservative values were the norm of a good American society. Where the people we elected really had our best interests at heart. Take me back to a time when being outside the box was not viewed as the norm.

I know I am dreaming. We will never go back to those times. Too much has happened and too many things have changed. Why is it that people call for change, but only when they are not the ones in power. Some change is good, but not always. Mr. Peabody and Doc Brown could help us now, but only if they were "TRUE CONSERVATIVES."

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The March of Cambreadth

I found this video in a round about way and think it is great. It was originally posted on YouTube by a person posting as moombean51287.

Listen to the lyics and sing along. The song is by
Heather Alexander and is titled “The March of Cambreadth.” I am going to have to check out more of this Celtic music.

This song, its lyrics, and the video are top notch. This song would make a great battle hymn for the War on Terror.

Imagine the "low life terrorists" in Iraq and Afghanistan hearing this song as an M1 Abrams or Humvees, armored with weapons to bear, rolled towards them. They would crap in their robes.

Axes flash, broadsword swing,
Shining armour's piercing ring
Horses run with a polished shield,
Fight Those Bastards till They Yield
Midnight mare and blood red roan,
Fight to Keep this Land Your Own
Sound the horn and call the cry,
How Many of Them Can We Make Die!

Follow orders as you're told,
Make Their Yellow Blood Run Cold
Fight until you die or drop,
A Force Like Ours is Hard to Stop
Close your mind to stress and pain,
Fight till You're No Longer Sane
Let not one damn cur pass by,
How Many of Them Can We Make Die!

Guard your women and children well,
Send These Bastards Back to Hell
We'll teach them the ways of war,
They Won't Come Here Any More
Use your shield and use your head,
Fight till Every One is Dead
Raise the flag up to the sky,
How Many of Them Can We Make Die!

Dawn has broke, the time has come,
Move Your Feet to a Marching Drum
We'll win the war and pay the toll,
We'll Fight as One in Heart and Soul
Midnight mare and blood red roan,
Fight to Keep this Land Your Own
Sound the horn and call the cry,

How Many of Them Can We Make Die!
Axes flash, broadsword swing,
Shining armour's piercing ring
Horses run with polished shield,
Fight Those Bastards till They Yield
Midnight mare and blood red roan,
Fight to Keep this Land Your Own
Sound the horn and call the cry,
How Many of Them Can We Make Die!
How Many of Them Can We Make Die!
How Many of Them Can We Make Die

Friday, February 8, 2008

A Belated Birthday Wish to Ronald Reagan (Thanks to Buckhorn Road)

As I sit here in my overstuffed chair, recovering from the flu and watching Die Hard 2 on television, I am trying to catch up on my blog reading.

Being ill the past three days has taken its toll on me and some things have gotten under my radar. The time spent home has made me think about a great deal of things. I will post about what came to my mind in future posts, but for now, I must rectify a lapse in my posts for which I am sorely sorry.

As I was reading some of my fellow bloggers, I came across a post of one of my favorite fellow education bloggers. He blogs as
Chanman and his blog is Buckhorn Road. I recommend his blog to everyone. He has a very unique way of expressing his opinions and is outlook and posts on various subjects are exceptional.

I feel he is a kindred sprint in the blogosphere. Being a fellow educator, I think we feel alike on many things and if we every had the chance to meet, would become fast friends and possible share a six pack while telling war stories about our time in education.

Anyway, back to my current post. I wish to thank Chanman for reminding be of a birthday that occurred this week

This past Wednesday was President Ronald Reagan’s birthday. He would have been 97 years old.

I feel he was the best President of the 20th century, if not of the entire history of the United States. When he died, I cried. Yes, I admit it, I cried. Not as much as when my mother and father passed, but it did stir emotions in me.

Reagan made this country great again. He “toed the line” with the Russians and dared them to act. He made the United States again a power to be feared and respected. Heck, even my Democratic father-in-law voted for him.

We need another Reagan NOW!!!

Not a Clinton, not a Obama, and not a McCain. We need some who actually was a foot soldier in the Reagan Army, not someone who claims to be.

I want to again thank Chanman for reminding me of Reagan’s birthday.

We should never forget the birthdays of the truly great Americans. By remembering their values, beliefs, and all the good they did for our country, their memory will never die.

Happy "Belated" Birthday Mr. President.

Hillary "Pissed" About Comments Stating She is "Pimping Out" Chelsea

Hillary Clinton is pissed about comments made between MSNBC's Chris Matthews, anchor of "Hardball," and David Shuster, a correspondent and fill-in anchor on the cable network.

Shuster on Thursday, suggesting it was "a little bit unseemly to me that Chelsea's out there calling up celebrities, saying support my mom, and she's apparently also calling these super delegates," asked, "doesn't it seem like Chelsea's sort of being pimped out in some weird sort of way?"

Now Hillary may boycott all debates on NBC, because she feels she and her family has been slighted.

The Clinton's are despicable. They say the most vile and inappropriate things about others but no one is allowed to do the same to them.

I am here to say that Hillary (and Bill) have always “pimped out” Chelsea. If they thought it was good for the Clinton, then they have never hesitated to use Chelsea to achieve the desired result.

Let us look at times when Chelsea was “pimped out.”

Hillary claims Chelsea was jogging by the Word Trade Center and witnessed the 9-11 attacks first hand.

This has been proved false in numerous reports, yet no one has challenged her on the lie.

Chelsea lied about her mother's record on Darfur, telling a group at Stanford University earlier this month that she was "really proud that my mom was the first Democratic senator to call it genocide in May of 2004 and put a lot of pressure on the Bush administration to recognize it as genocide."

This is also untrue, as it was Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wisconsin), Mike DeWine(R-Ohio), and Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) who first came forward on Darfur.

This statement has not been challenged, as the Clintons have made it clear that Chelsea is off limits and no one may questions her statements.

Chelsea brushes off a fourth-grade reporter, Sydney Rieckhoff, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa when she attempted to interview her for the Scholastic News.

Question: Do you think your dad would be a good "first man" in the White House?

Answer: I'm sorry, I don't talk to the press and that applies to you, unfortunately. Even though I think you're cute.

There are many more cases of Chelsea being “pimped out” for her parents. I will research this further and post more later.

Be forewarned, there are plans in the works for Chelsea’s future. I predict that she will seek political office sometime in the next eight years. That way future generation can continue to bask in the glow that is the Clintons. The only problem is that the glow may be from the holocaust that will occur if her mother ever gets to the White House.

Leprosy Outbreak In Northwest Arkansas

It is being reported in numerous media sources that a leprosy outbreak is occuring the the town of Springdale, Arkansas.

Leprosy is virtually unheard of any more in the world. The majority of cases reported worldwide occur in the Marshall Islands. Guess where the largest number of Marshallese people, outside the Marshall Islands, resides? The answer is Springdale, Arkansas.

How can a disease that occurs in the third world see an outbreak in the USA? The answer to this question is "Immigration."

I do not care of these infected people came to the USA legally or illegally. This is another reason that the USA needs to place severe restrictions on immigration to this country.

When immigrants went through Ellis Island, they were screened for disease. If it was determined they were infected with any disease, they were quarantined or sent back to their country of origin.

This is another reason to check the health status of everyone entering the USA. This could end up infecting the entire region.

It is time for the USA to stop being the final destination for all the retched refuse of the world. If their own country cannot care for them, do not expect the USA to act as their surrogate.

I would support a law to have all illegal immigrants, when they are arrested, to be tested for disease.

This insanity has to stop. If not, the entire United States is going to look like Tijuana, Mexico, or worse.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Romney Drops Out, Now There Is Three

Mitt Romney today suspended his campaign for President of the United States. With his withdrawal, three candidates remain in the hunt for the Republican nomination; John McCain, Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul.

I do not see Huckabee or Paul as being a challenge to McCain. The nomination is effectively his.

That is where my problem lies. I do not view McCain as a true conservative. I feel he is a RINO.

I still do not know what to do. I cannot support McCain with his view on immigration. I will have to study on this a bit more.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Still A Bit (Actually a Bunch) Under The Weather

I am still under the weather. I have not felt this bad in a long time. I think I am going to rethink a flu shot next year.

There is a great deal I want to post, but a short post is all I can manage this evening. I even got a substitute for tomorrow and Friday as I had trouble getting through my classes today.

When I am better, I will get back to posting. Take care and stay healthy. I would not want anyone (including a liberal Democrat) to feel that way I do.

Take care.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday 2008

Today is Super Tuesday. Many people will be casting their vote as to whom they will support in their political party.

I am a bit under the weather, so this post is going to be short. I think I got the flu. I guess my decision not to get a flu shot this year is catching up with me.

More on Super Tuesday later.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl XLII Commercials-UPDATE

As I finished up last night on my posts on the Super Bowl commercials, I realized that I missed a commercial that should be in my Top 5 list.

The commercial is the Bud Light ad with a man and a woman attending a cheese and wine party.

It was classic. I have posted it below.

I am going to use the tag line at the end of the commercial on my wife. She with think it is a HOOT


Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl XLII Comemrcials: Final Post

The commercials were nothing special. As usual, Budweiser lead the pack with the best comemrcials, but they were not that spectacular.

My picks of the Top 5:

1. Budweiser: A clydesdale being trained by a dalmatian to the theme of “Rocky.”

2. Bud Lite: The ability to breath fire.

3. Bud Lite: The ability to fly.

4. Coke: Macy's Parade Balloon Fight with UnderDog, Stewie, and Charlie Brown.

5. Bud Lite: Carlos Mencia and his foreign language students picking up women.

There is is. My Top 5. The were definately good, but I think they could have been better.

My Honorable Mention (because my lovely bride loved the following two commercials).

6. E-Trade: Where the baby talks about making trades on E-Trade and then spits up.

7. Gatorade G2: with Derek Jeter

Super Bowl XLII Commercials-1:59 left in the Fourth Quarter

Super Bowl XLII Commercials-1:59 left in the Fourth Quarter

1. Victoria's Secret: "I'm In The Mood For Love" Happy Valentine's Day.

2. Amp Energy Drink: A guy hooks jumper cables to his nipples to give the stereo in his truck more power.

3. American Idol with Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

Super Bowl XLII Commercials-7:54 left in the Fourth Quarter

Super Bowl XLII Commercials-7:54 left in the Fourth Quarter

1. Bud Lite: Jackie Moon movie promo clip for Bud Lite.

2. Hyundai Genesis commercial # 2.

3. "The Moment of Truth" television show with NFL player Chad Johnson.


Super Bowl XLII Commercials-9:20 left in the Fourth Quarter

Super Bowl XLII Commercials-9:20 left in the Fourth Quarter

1. E-Trade: Number 2 commercial with a baby talking about spending the money he made with E-Trade.

2. Taco Bell: Fiesta Platter

3. Gatorade: A dog drinking very sloppily from a dog bowl; slobbering all over the place. You do not know the dog is drinking Gatorade until the end.

4. "House" television show (after the Super Bowl).

Super Bowl XLII Commercials-10:59 left in the Fourth Quarter

Super Bowl XLII Commercials-10:59 left in the Fourth Quarter

1. "You Don't Mess With a Zohan" movie with Adam Sandler.

2. Sarah Conner Chronilces

Super Bowl XLII Commercials-11:05 left in the Fourth Quarter

Super Bowl XLII Commercials-11:05 left in the Fourth Quarter.

1. Coke: Former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and political consultant James Carville arguing on a televison show and going ouit for a Coke. They sightsee around Washington DC.


2. Toyota Sequoia: Big Wheel Race.

3. Pro Bowl

Super Bowl XLII Commercials-14:52 left in the Fourth Quarter

Super Bowl XLII Commercials-14:52 left in the Fourth Quarter

1. Sunsilk: a hair care brand from Unilever, featuring Madonna, Shakira and Marilyn Monroe.

2. Coke: A Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade balloon fight involving Underdog, Stewie (from Family Guy) and Charlie Brown balloons. Charlie Brown eventually gets the Coke.

Super Bowl XLII Commercials-End of Third Quarter

Super Bowl XLII Commercials-End of Third Quarter


1. NFL featuring Ephraim Salaam and Chester Pitts of the Houston Texans.

2. GMC

3. Jack in the Box

4. Nissan


Super Bowl XLII Commercials-3:04 left in the Third Quarter

Super Bowl XLII Commercials-3:04 left in the Third Quarter

1. "Jumper" movie.

2. E-Trade: A baby is buying stock on line. After he makes the trade, he spits up.

3. Bud Lite: The ability to fly. The flying guy gets sucked into a jet engine.


4. Pro Bowl commercial.

Super Bowl XLII Commercials-6:43 left in the Third Quarter

Super Bowl XLII Commercials-6:43 left in the Third Quarter

1. Hyundai: Genesis car.

2. Buzz Lightyear and Woody the Cowboy from the movie "Toy Story" talking about the movie "Wall.e"

Super Bowl XLII Commercials-11:00 left in the Third Quarter #2

Super Bowl XLII Commercials-11:00 left in the Third Quarter #2

1. BudLite: Caveman invents the wheel to get BudLite to a party.


2. Ice Breakers Gum with Carmen Electra.

3. Bridgestone Tires. A deer, Alice Cooper, and Richard Simmons are missed by a car swerving around them.

4. Spiders

5. Sarah Conner Chronicles

Super Bowl XLII Commercials-11:00 left in the Third Quarter

Super Bowl XLII Commercials-11:00 left in the Third Quarter

1. Plan B. A witch doctor will shrink a car saleman's head.

2. cartoon with panda bears.

3. VitaminWater: Shaq as a jockey in a horse race.


4. Daytona 500

Super Bowl XLII Commercials-Half Time Top Three

At half time, the top three commercials are as follows:

1. Budweiser: A clydesdale being trained by a dalmatian to the theme of “Rocky.”

2. Bud Lite: Ability to breath fire.

3. Bud Lite: Carlos Mencia and his foreign language students picking up women.

Super Bowl XLII Commercials-1:47 left in the Second Quarter

Super Bowl XLII Commercials-1:47 left in the Second Quarter

1: Pepsi with Justin Timberlake.

2: Doritos used in a mouse trap.


Super Bowl XLII Commercials-1:54 left in the Second Quarter

Super Bowl XLII Commercials-1:54 left in the Second Quarter

1: New Narnia movie commercial.

2. Planter's peanuts homely/unabrow girl.

3. New Charles Barley Fave 5 with Dwayne Wade

4. United Way-Tom Brady