Friday, February 1, 2008

Houston Police Chief Refuses To Train Officers To Enforce Immigration Laws

In a story from the Houston Chronicle Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt made it clear Thursday that his department will be taking on ICE duties any time soon. Hurtt said enforcing immigration law in Houston would tie up officers and add long delays to police response times.

I am amazed of the total disreguard that Hurtt has for the law in allowing criminals to roam the streets of Houston. He states that if his officers enforce immigration laws, it would not allow his officers to enforce local laws.

If HPD enforced immigration laws, local crime WOULD decrease. Criminal aliens DO commit local crimes. If you look at his decision, it is clear, at least to me, what he is doing.

He is promoting a liberal agenda. He is pandering the the Hispanic population. He has only been employed in two other police forces in his career (Phoenix, Arizona and Oxnard, California), both cities of which have predominately Hispnaic populations.

Coud he be looking at a possible political run in the future? It would not surprise me. He stands up for criminal aliens, which in the three cities he has worked are Hispanic, and he gains their votes.

That is a typical liberal viewpoint. I would be willing to bet he supports either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton for President.

Add that to the fact that his family does not even live in Hosuton. They still reside in Phoenix. That fact alone shows his lack of loyality to Houston.

Hurtt stated "officers dont want to enforce immigration." I wonder who was he talking about? I am willing to bet that many HPD officers want to arerst criminal aleins.

This guy needs to enforce all laws or get out of the job.


Esaba[CZ] said...

Must be nice to have a "cushy" job where one can pick and choose what polices and procedures to abide by.

This is absolutely disgusting. I still don't understand why the left is so willing to lay down and be stampeded by illegal immigration. No other modern country handles immigration in such a hap-hazard way, or forth that matter, would allow their "officers of the law" to act in such a way. Officers enforce the laws that are on the books, not just the ones they "like". To bad the USAG or State prosecutor don't have the balls to bring up Hurtt and other like mined Police chiefs / sheriffs /Mayors on criminal charges. That would nip this type of attitude in the ass.

Texas Truth said...

Esaba[CZ]: We are certainly an island when it comes to immigration.

I have previously posted the immigration laws in Mexico. I will pull it up and repost it soon.