Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl XLII Pre Game Activities

Jordin Sparks, winner of American Idol 6 snag the National Anthem before the coin toss of Super Bowl XLII. She is also he daughter of former New York Giants football player Phillippi Sparks.

Her rendition of the National Anthem was less than I expected. I do not care if she did win American Idol 6. She tried to use our National Anthem to showcase her vocal range and ability. She gets a D in my book for her performance. It should be against the law to sing the anthem of our country in any way other than a tradition performance. Singing up and down the octave is disrespectful.

On a positive note, as the panned each team’s sideline during the anthem, the camera picked up many of the players during the anthem. A few stood there, and some were in the traditional football stance of placing a hand on the teammates shoulder to the right.

However, the camera caught New England patriot quarterback Tom Brady with his hand over his heart as he sang along with the National Anthem. In my humble opinion, he is tops in my book. He was showing his love and respect for the United States. If that is all I saw of him during the game, that would be enough for me to judge him as a person in a positive light.

Tom Brady…You are tops in my book and a true American.

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