Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl XLII Comemrcials: Final Post

The commercials were nothing special. As usual, Budweiser lead the pack with the best comemrcials, but they were not that spectacular.

My picks of the Top 5:

1. Budweiser: A clydesdale being trained by a dalmatian to the theme of “Rocky.”

2. Bud Lite: The ability to breath fire.

3. Bud Lite: The ability to fly.

4. Coke: Macy's Parade Balloon Fight with UnderDog, Stewie, and Charlie Brown.

5. Bud Lite: Carlos Mencia and his foreign language students picking up women.

There is is. My Top 5. The were definately good, but I think they could have been better.

My Honorable Mention (because my lovely bride loved the following two commercials).

6. E-Trade: Where the baby talks about making trades on E-Trade and then spits up.

7. Gatorade G2: with Derek Jeter


Anonymous said...

I saw and loved the Budweiser one with the dalmatian training the horse. It was great. Hubby kept switching back and forth with the dvr and then it froze causing us to miss the last Patriot's score. No big loss.

Whoever does the Bud commercials is a genius.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

The fire breathing one is still my favorite. Hearing the cat yowl after the big sneeze still cracks me up.

Texas Truth said...

nunoftheabove: That was my favorite of the night. When the dalmatian and the horse touch paws at the end, that was priceless.

Texas Truth said...

The Vegas Art Guy: That was a good one also. I loved the line "The ability to breath fire is no longer available in Bud Light."