Thursday, January 4, 2007

Texas Legislature Proposals 2007

The Texas Legislature will start 2007 looking into tackling the illegal immigration problem.
Some of the legislation and legislative proposals involving illegal immigrants include:

• Birthright citizenship: Berman's bill would deny automatic citizen access to state programs for children born in Texas to illegal immigrant parents after his bill becomes law.

• Remittance fees: Legislation would levy an 8 percent fee on the remittances that are sent from Texas to Mexico and Latin America.

• In-state college tuition: Several bills would eliminate in-state tuition for undocumented immigrant children who attend public colleges.

• Proof of citizenship for voting: Several bills would require proof of citizenship for a person to vote.

• Marriage licenses: People applying for a marriage license would have to swear under penalty of felony perjury that they are not getting married to circumvent immigration laws.

• Driver's license: Legislation would allow immigrants to obtain a Texas driver's license by using a similar document from a foreign country.

Perhaps these proposals would help stem the flow of illegals into Texas, however you know there will be the liberals that will say all of these proposals are illegal.

Some will say that proposals are illegal and but not the people who are in the country ILLEGALLY!!!!

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