Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Security Should NEVER Take A Backseat to Religion

I just read a story, via "Drudge Report" about two women who refused to be body scanned before they boarded a flight to Pakistan.

I say KUDOS for the British for holding the line.

If these two women, who just happen to be Muslim, do not want to follow the rules, they can walk or take a slow boat to Paskistan.

My safety and security should NEVER take a back seat to someone's religion.

You can read the article

"Two female passengers who were booked to fly out of Terminal Two refused to be scanned for medical and religious reasons. In accordance with the government directive on scanners, they were not permitted to fly. Body scanning is a big change for customers who are selected under the new rules and we are aware that privacy concerns are on our customers’ minds, which is why we have put strict procedures to reassure them that their privacy will be protected.” - A Spokeswoman for Manchester International Airport


Ol' BC said...

You are absolutely correct. The political correctness has totally gone off the deep end. This has no impact on their "freedom to practice" their religion.

Texas Truth said...

Ol' BC: To HELL with PC, except when in means my "Personal Computer."