Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday Night Fever and Erectile Dysfunction

I know you are reading this and wondering "What in the HELL does Saturday Night Fever and Erectile Dysfunction have to do with each other? Why is Texas Truth posting about these two things and who the HELL cares?"

Well, here I go. Take my statements for what they are worth and make any comments you feel you need to. If you agree with me, that is fine. If you don't, then that is okay too. Just read on and think about it. I tfeel some readers might get a little laugh out of this.

First, Saturday Night Fever. My lovely bride and I settled down in front of the television tonight and started flipping channels. On
VH1 Classic, Saturday Night Fever was on. We quickly switched channels. We both LOVE this movie as we were in college during the heyday of disco and it always brings back many memories.

Now I know some of you cannot picture a true red-blooded American conservative like Texas Truth actually going to discos, dancing, drinking and trying to pick up women. YES..I actually did. I even had shirts, pants, and shoes similar to the ones John Travolta wears in the movie. I took disco lessons and in my humble opinion, was not bad. I was not what one would call a great dancer, but I learned at an early age that any guy that can dance was better able to impress and score with the girls/ladies than one who could not.

Never the less, I was one of those "horny" guys in my younger days. I would even go so far as to state that if any daughter of mine ever showed up with a guy like I was in college, I would drop kick his butt into the next county. I don't know of ANY man today that would allow his daughter to date a guy like he was when they were younger. That is a FACT!!! Ask anyone over 40 and I bet you will get the same answer.

Okay, back to SNF. My bride asked me during the movie if Tony Manero (played by
John Travolta) ever did love Stephanie Magano (played by Karen Lynn Gorney) or was just using her? I responded that I did not think any 18 or 19 year old male could actually be in love. He may think, in his head, that he is, but actually the only head he is thinking with is the one that is on the third appendage in his pants.

She started laughing hysterically and told me that was a very diplomatic way of putting it. That is one of the things I love about my wife. She can tell me that I have a unique way of putting thinks without making me feel like a total idiot for making a crude statement.

I would never think about making a comment like that around anyone except very close friends or my wife. As my father used to say, "There are things you only say around family and things you only say around males and there are things you can only say to your wife. But when you do say them to her, make sure she understand EXACTLY what you mean, or you might end up sleeping by yourself on the couch for a few nights." My father was a smart man. I am glad I came to believe that and take some of his words to heart before he died.

Now, on to erectile dysfunction. My wife and I have always laughed at commercials on erectile dysfunction and feminine hygiene products. They have just always struck us as funny. We would have never seen such commercials on television 30 years ago. These are things that were were discussed in polite and/or mixed company.

In the commercials about erectile dysfunction, they warn that if an erection lasts more than four hours, the person should seek medical attention. Our question is "Why would you seek medical attention for getting something the pill was designed to give you?" That statement is funny to us.

In addition, why would any red blooded American male who had that problem after using the pill admit his erection lasted too long. I realize that there could be a medical problem with the length (time) of the erection, but the statement in the commercial is comical.

In a related note, while surfing thought the online versions of the major metropolitan newspapers published in Texas this past week, I came across an article related to the commercials on erectile dysfunction . The
Houston Chronicle has an article that stated that certain impotence drugs risk a sudden hearing loss. You can link to the article here.

The Food and Drug Administration alerted physicians Thursday to rare reports of sudden hearing loss in men taking popular impotence drugs from Pfizer, Eli Lilly and Bayer.
FDA said it is unclear whether the hearing problems are directly related to drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. However, at the agency's request the drug makers added more prominent precautions about hearing loss to product labels.
(This is a direct quote from the article in the Houston Chronicle.)

What makes that funny to me was that if a man is having erectile dysfunction or impotence problems, and there is a chance he might suffer from sudden or temporary hearing loss, do they think it will stop him from using the drugs? I THINK NOT! Some might, but I would be willing to bet not many would.

Now for the relationship between Saturday Night Fever and erectile dysfunction. Tony Manero would be in his early 50s today. If he had erectile dysfunction, would he take one of the many drugs on the market to help his condition? I think he would, along with many other men with the same problem. I do not think that any of them would care about a sudden or temporary hearing loss. I know that the there are numerous side effect to any medications, but I cannot see a hearing loss as one of the reasons a man stops taking the medications.

As always, I welcome your comments. However, please remember, I am not making light of anyone who suffers from these conditions. They are tragic and I cannot imagine what I would do if I was in the same situation. But I know a possible hearing loss would not make me take any less of the drug. After all, I am still that red-blooded American boy I was 30 plus years ago.

And you know what they say, you can NEVER take the boy out of the man!!!

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