Wednesday, October 3, 2007

USA Vet Cuts Down Illegally Flying Mexican Flag

This has been all over the internet and blogsphere, so it might not be news to you, however I felt it was important enough to comment. Below is the clip of the action and my commentary beneath it.

Veteran Jim Broussard heard a Mexican bar in Reno, Neveda was flying a Mexican flag above the United States of America flag. He did what many good American would and what many of us would have done if this "situation" had occurred in our community.

He showed up outside the bar, pulled out his trusty Ka Bar knife and cut the flag down. He took possession of the American flag and threw the Mexican flag down on the ground. He states he was taking the American flag and dared anyone to take it from him. The bar owner stood there, looking totally stupid and refused to comment for the camera.

This man did what needed to be done and took care of it in "good old American fashion." This crap of Mexican thinking this is their country MUST BE STOPPED!!! If they are so proud and loyal to Mexico, they need to to get back to Mexico. There is no way that ANYTHING in Mexico can live up to the United States.

Some news accounts state this man might be charged with theft, trespassing, and/or assault with a weapon (knife). If he is, we need to stand by and support him in whatever way he needs. That include contributing to his defense fund and legal costs.

On a humorous note, if I ever have the pleasure of meeting this man, he can count on me to buy him numerous rounds of his favorite adult beverage. In fact, he should never have to buy his own beer again.





Ol' BC said...


Texas Truth said...

ol' bc: We need more people like him. Do you notice the look on the bar owner's face when the TV crew approached him?

He didn't know what to say.

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