Monday, February 5, 2007

Lt. Ehren Watada Court Marshal Begins

Lt. Ehren Watada enlists in the military after the 9-11 attacks. When he was ready to de deployed to Iraq, he decided that, in his opinion that the war in Iraq is illegal and under good conscience, he cannot fight.

So today, his court marshal started today.

Anti war demonstrators showed, along with the many liberal celebrities.

The list includes:

Archbishop Desmond Tutu (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate-1984)
Pete Seegar (Singer and Songwriter)
Sean Hamill (Poet)
Harry Belafonte (Actor and Singer)
Randi Rhodes (Air America radio Host and USAFR Retired)
Willie Nelson (Singer and Songwriter)
Immortal Technique (Rap Artist)
Susan Sarandon (Actress)
Mike Farrell (Actor)
Jayne Stahl (Poet, Playwright, and Essayist)
Edward Asner (Actor)
Becky Lourey (Former State Senator of Minnesota)
Martin Sheen (Actor)
Howard Zinn (Professor and Actor)
Rabbi Michael Lerner (Chairman-The Network of Spiritual Progressives)
David Swanson (Co-founder 0f

Well, in the immortal world of Capitan Renault in the move “Casablanca.”



Darren said...

His first trial was declared a mistrial earlier this week because the judge said that Watada didn't understand one of the forms he signed admitting his guilt. He'll be tried again in mid-March.

And no, lefties, that's not double jeopardy. It would be if he had been found not guilty and they decided to try him again. A mistrial is like a judicial annulment.

Angela said...

Speaking of Liberal Celebrities.. have you checked out Rosie and Moby's blogs lately? I can't believe half the stuff they put out there for people to read. What's even more interesting is that they are supposed to be the "open minded" ones.