Saturday, March 31, 2007

More Information on Andrew Riley

The Post Online of Athens, Ohio is becoming the major source of information on this "criminal."

Look what was written about Riley, his family and their lifestyle:

1. Police say Riley is a suspect in two break-ins at a local café; thefts at two residences; two incidents of vandalism in which windows at the Rocky Outdoor Gear store were broken; and several car break-ins.

2. Riley appeared in juvenile court on an arson charge when he was 11. That charge was dismissed after he attended an arson diversion program.

3. Officer Ed Downs, who is leading the Nelsonville police investigation said he thought Riley also had menacing charges pending when he was arrested on the arson charge.

4. People who live on the same street as Riley and his family often hear shouting and arguing coming from their house. They estimate that local police visit the house about every other week.

5. Nelsonville Police Chief David Redecker said his department’s file on the case is several inches thick.

6. Police executing a search warrant earlier this month at Riley’s home found a cache of stolen items, including knives, video games, hunting attire, jewelry and coats. Officers also found four check books reported stolen from a 77-year-old man and two cell phones reported stolen from another house.

7. Seven people, including Riley’s uncle, a convicted felon; two boys, ages 9 and 11; and a 5-year-old girl were living in the house. Two days after the search, the uncle was arrested on a warrant for an arson charge.

8. Police found a 54-inch flat-screen television on which they had seen Riley regularly playing the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

9. Police found about 80 percent of the stolen items at Riley’s home It is believed the remaining goods might have been sold.

10. Days after the search of the home, a video camera on Riley’s school bus captured him pinning the 15-year-old accomplice into a seat and beating him up. For that alleged beating, Riley was charged with witness intimidation and expelled from school, where he has a reputation for bullying.

11. Riley's biological father is incarcerated for aggravated robbery, kidnapping, intimidating a witness and other charges. He likely has little involvement in his son’s life.

When this kid is finally released, look for him on "Cops" or on a wanted poster near you.


Chanman said...

The family seems to like fire. An "arson diversion program"? What kind of mushy-headed crap is that?

Texas Truth said...

chanman: I have never heard of "arson diversion Program." I bet it is another liberal, feel good program.