Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Hispanic Tradition of Quinceanera

The Houston Chronicle had an article in their Saturday paper about the Hispanic "ceremony" called a quinceanera. Please click on the title of this post to be taken to the article. What made me want to comment on this was a passing observation I made this evening.

Earlier this evening, my lovely spouse and I were sitting in a park pavilion by the bay near Houston, watching the boats and sunset, having a small evening picnic, and listen to the UT-Rice football game on the radio. In the activity center building next to the park, people were putting the final touches on a quinceanera. We were commenting on it and thought about the article that was in today's Chronicle.

After we left, I decided to reread the article and post my thoughts on it. So here I go. Please feel free to leave your comments, as usual.


The idea of spending even $5000 to have a "coming out party" is totally ridiculous, no matter what culture and race is involved. Some of these families don't even have that kind of money to spend, so they have relatives pitch in to help. I would be willing to bet that some of these people are on public assistance, food stamps, or free lunch in school. It is amazing that some families can find the money to put on a "coming out" party for their little "princess" but don't have enough money for the necessities of life.

I have no problem with families hosting parties for their daughters' fifteenth birthday, but the amount of time and money spend on these "displays of their daughters" is crazy, as it is for any coming out party, regardless of race, culture, etc. It is nothing more than trying to show off, to act like something or someone you are not, and trying to keep up with the family down the street. If some took that money and invested in something that might bring a better life to their families in the future, like an education, perhaps people would not look down on them and their culture so much.

I have many friends who see it the same way I do. Invest in the things that are truly important in life and raise your family to the next level in society.

To quote a sidebar of the article: "A traditional quinceañera includes a religious ceremony followed by a reception. Certain elements of the quince, as the ceremony is often called, have remained largely untouched - the ball gown and tiara, the presentation of her last doll, a Bible, the bridesmaid-like damas and chamberlains."

If this "celebration" is such a religious ceremony, then why are young boys hired to dance and flirt with the girls?


Ol' BC said...

TT, their odds would improve if they were encouraged to learn English and assimilate into the U.S. if they wish to remain here. Once they do their opportunities expand exponentally. The Democrats want to keep them isolated so they can throw them a stipend from the government and keep getting their votes. If they are successful and start acquiring a little wealth the Donks may lose out.

Texas Truth said...

ol' bc: The certainly would. The Democrats want to keep them in eternal poverty so that can care for them and have their support.