Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lesbian Tryst Between Marcia and Jan?

On another late night of insomnia I was as usual, surfing for anything that might peek my interest for a post.

One of my favorite movies is "The Paper" staring Michael Keaton, Robert Duval and Marisa Tomei. It is about a New York newspaper and a typical day of it's employees. In the opening and closing of the movie, they play a radio broadcast from radio station 1010WINS in New York. About a year ago, I was in New York City and listened to the station. I now listen to it on the web and visit their web site whenever I can.

Going to their website this evening (early morning) I found the below post on their main page. I read it and couldn't believe it. Here it is:

Lesbian Tryst Between Marcia and Jan?

In a new tell-all book, "Brady Bunch" star Maureen McCormick, who played the TV family's oldest girl Marcia, will reportedly reveal a steamy on-set sexual relationship with Eve Plumb, the actress who played her younger sister Jan.

The book, titled "Here's the Story," which is due out next year, will detail how a crush between the two actresses turned into a physically intimate relationship, according to published reports.

This isn't the first we're hearing of a possible tryst between the two. Back in the late nineties, McCormick admitted to kissing Plumb during their "Brady" days, but it was later downplayed by her publicist.

The biography will apparently also touch on topics such as McCormick's battles with bulimia, cocaine addiction and depression.

McCormick, now 51, is married with an 18-year-old daughter and lives in Southern California.

My question is: Why does she think she needs to reveal this now? It makes no sense to me. This happened over 30 years ago. Could she be trying to generate interest in her book or use the publicity to get back into the limelight? I hope not, but time will tell.

What do you think? This can do nothing but tarnish the Brady Bunch image. If this all turns out to be true, I might have to alter the statement in my sidebar about going back to the days of the Brady's. It is possible that the days of the Brady's perhaps were not so innocent after all.


Chanman said...

That's as creepy as Barry Williams (Greg) going out on the date with Florence Henderson (Mrs. Brady).

True story by the way.

Texas Truth said...

chanamn: Yes, I had heard about Barry Williams and Florence Henderson. I never could understand that.