Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Obama Comforts Cancer Patient at Town Hall Meeting. WAS IT A PLANT?

Below is a copyrighted article from the Associated Press as posted in the Houston Chronicle.

Obama comforts cancer patient at town hall meeting
© 2009 The Associated Press
July 1, 2009, 1:04PM

ANNANDALE, Va. — President Barack Obama hugged a woman who told him at a town hall meeting she has cancer but no way to pay her expenses.

Obama said the woman, identified as "Debbie," is a "perfect example" of someone who has gotten caught up and is lost in a broken health care system. He said "she's not getting the best care" and called her "Exhibit A" in the case he's trying to make for a new system.

She had stood up at the forum at Northern Virginia Community College to say she wasn't sure she could get across her message, and then did so, although haltingly at times. Obama asked her to step over and he gave her a hug and said his administration would do what it could to help.

One just knows this was a plant. I would like to know her full name and have her background checked out. I wonder if this will be like the woman who said she could not make her house payment and The Boy Wonder stated he would help (then did nothing). In fact, it was a Republican who helped the woman in the end.

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