Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Views of Ted Nugent in Texas

Insomnia set in again last night and I sit up surfing while knowing I cannot go to sleep. One thing lead to another and in the middle of my surfing, I came across a piece on Ted Nugent and his living near Waco, Texas.

Further searching and I found he is writing columns for various publications. I found one he had written for the Waco Tribune Herald. I have the link here.

The interesting thing is a list of what he believes. I have posted it below. Please let me know what YOU think.

He certainly has a way of putting things. I would LOVE to see him run for office. After all, we could use someone in Washington to take Al Franken down a few notches.

* We know that hunting, fishing and trapping are perfect.

* We know that to keep and bear arms is an individual, God-given right.

* We know that "keep" means "it's mine, you can't have it," and that "bear" means "I've got it right here on me."

* We know what "shall not be infringed" means.

* We know all too well that "gun-free zones" are a guaranteed recipe for disaster.

* We know that the current system of over-taxation cripples entrepreneurs and small businesses while rewarding the most slovenly amongst us.

* We know that upon the death of a loved family member, the government has no rational right to one red cent of our families' after-tax savings.

* We know that the IRS is a joke.

* We know that throwing money at our failed education system will make it worse.

* We know that the current system of testing students is counterproductive to actually teaching them.

* We know that violent criminals should never be let out of their cages.

* We know that child predators should be put to death.

* We know that you cannot live the American Dream without speaking English. Properly.

* We know that generations of welfare brats are slaves to soulless policies.

* We know that Rev. Jeremiah Wright is a racist.

* We know that David Koresh was loony, but the government was guilty of criminal acts against its citizens in how its agents dealt with him.

* We know that ethanol is a joke.

* We know that Willie Nelson is stoned.

* We know America is doomed if we don't secure our borders from illegal invaders.

* We know that Hillary and Obama have made it clear they want to ruin America.

* We don't know what the hell John McCain wants to do.

* We know what "Don't Tread on Me" means.

The article ended with the following statement:

God bless America and God bless Texas. Ted Nugent loves you.


The Vegas Art Guy said...

Ahh yes Ted Nugent, talk about a straight shooter!

Texas Truth said...

The Vegas Art Guy: I wish he would run for office here in Texas.