Saturday, April 7, 2007

Astros Sponsors: Bank of America and CITGO

I was in Houston recently and visited Minute Maid Park to watch the Houston Astros play. I had not been at an Astros games in many years. In fact, I had only been to Minute Maid Park once before and that was when it had the name "Enron Field."

I like the park very much, and the fact that is was built on the site of a former train station is very nostalgic. I like the ambiance of older stadiums, and even though Minute Maid Park is a modern stadium, it had the feel of an older park.

As I was walking inside the park, I notice two advertisements that took me by surprise. The more I looked at them, the more I thought about them.

As I though more, I got mad. No, not really mad, but upset.

The two advertisements I saw were for CITGO and Bank of America. The CITGO sign was hanging high above left field. It was perhaps the largest sign in the park besides the Minute Maid sign that is located on the score board.

The Bank of America sign were small advertisements placed on the walls behind the seats.

What made me upset was the fact that these two companies are doing what they can to undermine the United States.

CITGO is a subsidiary of Petróleos de Venezuela S.A., the Venezuelan state-owned petroleum company. I have a problem with the prominence given to this symbol of a company closely associated with Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, a self stated enemy of the American people.
Bank of America recently started allowing criminal aliens to have a checking account, credit cards, and other banking services without a social security number or standard types of identification. Many, myself included feel this enables criminal aliens to prosper in our country while breaking the immigration laws.

I wonder why the Houston Astros would allow two companies which are so against American ideals advertise in their ballpark?

I have a few ideas and will expound on them in future posts. For now, think about this, post your thoughts and comments, and I will do further research on this.


Marvin said...

Citgo is pure money - no other reason.

BoA is money and politics - BoA is friendly to illegals.

Texas Truth said...

Marvin, you hit the nail right on the head. MONEY...MONEY...MONEY!!! Perhaps they need that money to pay Brad Lidge his $5 million+ salary.

As far as BoA, they are catering to the "criminal aliens." I wonder how many of them walking around at the game I was at last night was illegal. More than we both can imagine I would be willing to bet.

Bob McWilliams said...

Finally, I have found someone that finds it totally shameful that CITGO is allowed to put their logo in our park.

I've been raising HELL about this ever since I saw it in the park!

This is a Dictator! He hates the US.

I have no idea why he is even allowed to do business in the US.

Why would anyone even want to fill up there.

I always have the urge to drive in and educate people filling up at their stores.

Some will fill up there because of his low price BUT I think if there was more education on who they are supporting many people would just drive on by like I do.

If you want to start some sort of petition or drive to educate the public, I'm in. Let's see if we can take down that commy sign.
Bob McWilliams