Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Don Imus: A Right To Free Speech

I was reading some of my favorite blogs this evening and came across an interesting post on "Angela's Right to Free Speech."

She makes some interesting statements about how Don Imus makes a comment as a joke and people are demanding he be fired.

She further states that some people responding on talk shows use the same comment and nobody flinched.

Rappers can use the same term (and others far worse) to describe women in their songs and videos and the same people that are complaining about Imus don't raise an eyebrow.

She made the following statements in her blog:

Black rappers degrade their culture and they are making millions off that degradation but nobody cares about that. Double standards and reverse racism are alive and well in this country people.

So a rapper can express themselves in a negative light and Imus can't attempt to crack a joke? Imus isn't a very good comedian but he does have a right to try and crack a joke if he wants to.

If a black person has the right to use those words then so do I. If Chris Rock can bust on "his people" then so can I. If freedom of speech applies in this country then that would mean it applies to Imus too, right?

I am so sick of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Tired of black people blaming history for their anger. Whatever happened to live in the present? Why do I have to pay the price for what some of our prejudice forefathers did back in the day that slavery was alive and well? I'm supposed to eat crow because I'm white?

She hit the nail right on the head. These people just like to stir things up to make themselves important and keep themselves in the spotlight.

You are so correct Angela. He cracked a joke...nothing more and nothing less. If he had been black, none of this would be happening now.

He should not be fired. If he is, it will show just much NBC caters to special interest groups and that that they care less about the silent majority.

So I will close in the venacular of the people making these complains about Imus..."YOU GO GIRL!!!


bruno said...

I don't agree with your use of the expression "reverse racism". I think it's more appropriate to talk about "anti-white racism". the "reverse racism" expression actually promotes racist stereotypes against white people.

Please see my page :
reverse racism Vs anti-white racism

Angela said...

WOW ~ I don't think anybody has ever featured anything that I have written. Thank you!!

You should see what has been stirring up here in Omaha. It seems there is a high school principal that has been put on administrative leave.

THAT one has me fired up at the moment.

It was explained to me last night that it's the advertisers with the endless pocket book that are responsible for the firing of Imus.

I'm getting set to write down all the products that get advertised during "The View" so I can start my own personal boycott.

After all, if Imus doesn't get to keep his job should Rosie?

Angela said...
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Ol' BC said...

Well, TT, nobody addresses where Imus learned such talk. Not Sesame Street I'm sure.

Angela said...

Where have you been? There has been so much going on in the news lately and lots has happened over on ARTFS.

I've been wanting you to comment on the entire concealed deal. I know in Texas you can carry as long as it's not known. In other words, it has to be concealed. I wanted to ask you if that rule applied to the college campus life as well?

Angela said...

Texas Truth ~
Where have you been? We have missed you over on ARTFS.

Texas Truth said...

angela, I am back. I have been so busy. In Texas, we call it TAKS!!!

Texas Truth said...

ol 'bc: I am sure it wasn't on Semase Street.

What is funny about this is that liberals are lining up against him and other are caliing him a conservative.

My Gosh, the guy was a KERRY man, if I am not mistaken.

Texas Truth said...

bruno. I like your phrase "anti-white racism". I will start using it. Thanks for reading and suggesting it.