Saturday, April 21, 2007

Texas Democrats: "You Must Be 19 To Buy Cigarettes"

You're old enough to vote and serve your country at 18, but you'd have to wait a year to buy cigarettes under a bill approved Thursday by the Texas Senate.

State Senate Carlos Uresti a Democrat from San Antonio whom is sponsoring the bill, was quoted saying "The further you can put this (legal age) off, there's a much better chance that people will not start to smoke,"

A person is legally old enough to vote. They are old enough to join the military and fight in a war. They are in most ways, legally an adult.

This is another case of lunacy running amuck.

If you are old enough to vote, fight in a war and do things that other adults can do, then you should be old enough to smoke.

Do I smoke? NO. Never have. Never will.

But if you are an adult, then it is YOUR CHOICE. This is another case of government wanting to get caught up in your lives.

Smoking is a nasty habit. I don't like to be around people who smoke, but it is their choice and if their smoking makes me uncomfortable, then I move.

The same goes with drinking. If you are 18 and considered an adult, you should be allowed to drink alcohol.

Do I drink alcohol? Not much. I have in the past, and I do enjoy a beer every now and then.

Do I drink hard liquor, NO, I don't. I can't handle it.

My choice not to drink (much) is my choice. A glass of wine or beer never killed anybody. In fact, I have read that it may be a health benefit. Moderation is the key.

My mother was an alcoholic and smoked her whole life. Both of these killed her in her early 60s. I have seen what it does and I want no part of it.

The bottom line is, in my humble opinion, that if you are of legal age to vote, be in the military, and fight in a war, you should be able to smoke and drink.

It is your choice, but do not expect any sympathy from me when you get lung cancer and liver damage. After all, you made the choice and you since you made an adult decision to partake of these "things" you might have to suffer the consequences.

This is another case of the liberals wanting more control of our lives.


Angela said...

I agree! I think 18 should be the limit since that is the age that a person no longer needs permission from their parents.

Texas Truth said...

angela: something I have never understood is how a person can be "adult enough" to do one thing but not "adult enough" to do another.

Ol' BC said...

Amen! Not only that, include seat belt and helmet laws in the government "looking out for us". Sometimes the gene pool just needs a little cleaning. Seatbelt laws for children? I'm open to hear both sides. They can't make informed decisions. Those of us over 18, I'm with you.

Chanman said...

The ironic thing that I just read in an article recently is that Democrats are more likely to smoke than Republicans.

Texas Truth said...

bc: This is another case of liberal-Democrats wanting to rule our lives.

Texas Truth said...

chanman: I have read that also. Isn't it amazing how they advertise "Do as I say, not as I do."