Monday, July 16, 2007

Hillary and Obama to Unite?

While surfing the web yesterday afternoon, I came across an article by Anna Quindlen in the current issue of Newsweek online.

It states that Hillary Clinton might think about Barrack Obama for her running mate. That decision would bring her a wider base of support and make history on numerous fronts.

I have surmised the same thing. I believe that if Hillary gets the Democratic nomination for President, she will select Obama as her running mate.

That is a scary thought. Hillary and Obama (and Bill) running the country. I have stated in a previous post what might happen if Hillary is elected. I have thought further on the matter and came up with these other ideas:

1. If Hillary is elected President, it will come out that she is or has been a lesbian and/or bisexual. This will be her attempt to legitimize the gay and lesbian faction in the USA.

2. Obama will announce that he is indeed Muslim or at least bases many of his believes on Muslin teachings and Sharia law.

3. Obama will play the race card and announcer that he is 100% black and not of mixed race.

4. Bill Clinton will be given a very political position outside the immediate USA government (i.e.: UN Ambassador, traveling diplomat, or mediator similar to Jimmy Carter's role in the world).

5. All hell will break lose on the republicans. Investigations, charges, and indictments on any and all those whom have a conservative agenda will occur in order to further the democratic (or should I say socialist) views of the powers in control.

6. Hillary and her cronies will introduce legislation to repeal the 22nd amendment to allow a President to serve more than two terms. That way Bill Clinton could run again and after her eight years and have another eight years in the White House. The funny thing is there are many people out there that would support that.

Why do I think these things will happen? I think Hillary, Obama, (and Bill) will try to all things to all people. They will attempt to consolidate their support base to include as many "diverse" groups as possible to solidify their power.

Being all things to all people will insure, at least in their minds, their continued power base and allow them and theirs to remain in power for many years to come.

The election of Hillary and Obama would be eight years of which the United States would never recover, Yes, I said eight years. If Hillary is elected, she will be a two term President.

This county will be headed down a road from which we will never recover. This country will never be the same during and after their term of office. We will be no better than a third world country, and the rest of the world will fall further and further behind us. Before we know it, the world will be a very unpleasant place to life. At that point, there will nothing that anyone will be able to do.


Angela said...

If those two unite and win then we are in some serious poo poo and they might as well climb on board Jet Blue!

Law and Order Teacher said...

That would truly be a catastrophe for this country. The all-night clown convention in the Senate should give you an indication of a government by, of, and for Democrats.

Anonymous said...

all right!! 1-6 would be democracy's dream! except maybe 2. but, that's okay since obama isn't muslim and highly unlikely to switch. i don't know where you get your information from...
so i say to to the bush administration-- keep expanding executive power! power before party!
i can't wait until 2008!

Texas Truth said...

anonymous: He is not listed as a Muslim, but I believe he has Muslim leanings. Look back at his past and his attending a Muslim school when he was young.

You know what they say: "Once a KGB agent, always a KGB agent." I feel the same way about him. "Once a Muslim, always a Muslim."

I think he has some Muslim leanings. I do not have the facts to back my statement up. It is just a feeling I have.

Anonymous said...

Obama's father is Muslim, therefore according to Islam,
Obama is Muslim.

Obama will be offered a chance to return to Islam or Muslims wil be required to kill him.

Texas Truth said...

S M: You see it the same way I do. There are many skeltons in Obama's closets. Things in this country are going to go down the tubes if he or Hillary get into the White House.

Thanks for your post.