Thursday, August 16, 2007

Elvis Presley Died 30 Years Ago Today

Thirty years ago today, Elvis Presley died. Much has been written in the past and posted today in various forums, concerning Elvis, his life, his death and all the issues that go with them.

I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news that Elvis had died. I was at work and it came over the radio. It did not mean as much then as it does now, but it was a classic example of how one views an event over the passage of time.

At the time, I listened to his music but was not as "into" it as I was Chicago, Blood, Sweat, and Tears, and Iron Butterfly.

As I got older, I found myself drawn back to the music of Elvis and his movies. Good clean entertainment that is so rare today.

Yes, I know he died from a drug overdose, but I still liked his music and films.

I guess that might make me a hypocrite because of my views about drugs. However, I am human and I like how his music and film did and still does make me feel.

It takes me back to simpler time when things such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness meant something in society.

I wonder how Elvis would view all the problems we are dealing with in the year 2007?

I have a feeling of how he would view all of this, and will reserve it for a future post.

For know, I am sitting back and watching the Elvis marathon on Turner Classic Movies. After all, that is what I am doing and I am enjoying every minute of it.


Domestic Divapalooza said...

I love it when they do Elvis marathons. You are right, they don't make movies like that any more. It's sad in certain ways.

Texas Truth said...

domestic divapalooza: Here is an Elvis channel. I would certainly watch, along with many others.