Sunday, August 19, 2007

Trial of Former TSU President Nears

As the trial for former Texas Southern University President Priscilla Slade starts this week, observers expect a fight that is more contentious than the paper-heavy trial of her chief financial officer who was convicted of criminal financial mismanagement as part of the same investigation.

It is obvious to me, from her demeanor, comments, and appearance, that she felt she was just a bit better than everyone else and she could pretty much do anything she wanted. I have seen it repeatedly from administrators and people of power. Look over the years the trouble and scandal that has come out of TSU?

It is obvious to me that the authorities at TSU cannot run the university and what little they do accomplish is more of a benefit to themselves instead of the students and the community.

Slade needs to be tried, and if found guilty (a highly probable occurrence) should do hard time in prison. Then the state needs to take over the university and place it under their own system. Since when in this day and age do we need a rouge university with self indulgent administrators.

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