Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sean Hannity Freedom Concert in Grand Prairie

Texas Truth, along with my lovely spouse, attended the Sean Hannity Freedom Concert on Tuesday night (August 14) in Grand Prairie, Texas.

The concert was held at the NOKIA Theatre at Grand Prairie. Guests included Mark Levin, Ollie North, Newt Gingrich, Texas Governor Rick Perry, U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Mitt Romney. Music performers were MontgomeryGentry, Collin Raye and Lee Greenwood.

I will post more about the concert in the coming days, along with photos. In a brief comment, it was a very inspirational and positive experience. The only negative I can remember were our seats. We were in the "nose bleed" section. The sound was good, but next time, I will splurge for the higher priced tickets so we can sit on the floor.

Look for more posts about the concert soon.


Law and Order Teacher said...

I went to one and enjoyed the heck out of it. We had good seats and it was worth it. Hannnity is a very good entertainer. The fact that the Dems want to quiet him, Rush, Neal and others is understandable. They can't compete so shut them up.

Texas Truth said...

Law and Order Teacher: It was very enjoyable. I wish there were more concerts and events like it around Texas. It really lifted my spirits and gave me the strength to report to school for in-service tomorrow.

I could use a good "pick me up" every so often as I go into my 30th year in the classroom.

In any case, thanks for the comment. I will post some more on the concern when I get a few minutes.

Take care and have a good weekend.

Domestic Divapalooza said...

Does Hannity speak at these things? I know sometimes he does his show from them so I am assuming that the speaks directly from these events. Right? I'm wondering when he's coming to Nebraska.

Texas Truth said...

Domestic Divapalooza: Yes, he does. His previous appearance in Houston, he had Oliver North and we were able to ask questions. Go and see him if the chance ever happens. You will enjoy it.