Sunday, February 15, 2009

Black Studies: A Feel Good, Do Nothing Degree!

The Houston Chronicle had an article today entitled "African-American studies expanding, But some say wider focus, however, obscures original social justice aim."

I wonder why this is even a story, but then I remember that is the published in "The Barnacle."

"African American Studies" Are there any "Irish American Studies"? How about some "Italian American Studies" ????Courses like this tend to exacerbate racial problems, not help. They tend to promote and perpetuate racial strife.

We are going to see more stories like this now that Barack HUSSEIN Obama (aka Little Barry Soetoro, The Boy Wonder, Oprah's Love Child, and BO) is the Current Temporary Resident of the White House.

He is going to set racial practices back 200 years.

See that's whats wrong with these courses. There culmination of African History ends with a wanna be gang banger rapper. Why aren't the closing with Black men in congress or leaders within our country. They would rather idolize rappers who talk about guns and slanging rock, then the ones who worked their butts off and are trying to make a difference in our country. It all goes back to what they really want to see as history. You don't see textbooks talking about Garth Brooks or say Donald Trump. Yet they have Mos Def and probably some black athletes in there who are less then stellar role models in the first place." - Jay_Hill (a poster on the Houston Chronicle forums)


sjhs1976 said...

As a matter of fact there is a course on "Irish American Studies" at CUNY (
and this:
and this:
There is a Master Degree offered in Irish Studies at NYU.
There are university level courses and degrees offered at NYU, Rutgers, and Lehman Colllege.
For such an inernet savy racist you are very lazy. Just "Google" Irish-American Studies and Italian American Studies and you would have found the answer. But being the racist that you are that would not have occured as a thought, now would it? Or maybe you did "Google" and knew your position to be spurious at best. And knowing that you were spouting off into a virtual echo chamber you were in no fear of anyone actually checking. Well, there are your answers to the question. Yes there are Irish American and Italian American course and at some of the most prestigious university for that matter.

sjhs1976 said...

Bovee & Thill, the leading publisher of Business Communications textbooks has at least one entry on Garth Brooks. I believe you can find it in the their textbook "Business Communication Today, 9th Edition"
At University of North Carolina at least one of their Music Education courses use Bruce Feiler book "Dreaming Out Loud" as a textbook and the main subject is Garth Brooks. Are you really that much of a lazy racist that you cannot or simply refuse to use Google?

sjhs1976 said...

And about Donald Trump and textbooks. There is a whole university named for the guy and they use his textbooks:


You lazy racist, now print that on your blog!

Texas Truth said...

sjhs1976: Sounds like I hit a nerve. Your comments mean so much coming from someone who does not have the nerve to post their own blogs and registered for a blogger name just to post a comment. One question: Where exactly can one get a job in American studies? How does African American Studies generate any commerce? You mention Donald Trump, but it seems to me studying HIS techniques and business savvy could and would produce jobs and positive economic results. As far as Irish-American Studies, those are courses, not complete degrees. If they were degrees, they would deserve the same tag as African American Studies. Why is it that people such as you come out of the woodwork and throw around the "racist" tag when you cannot come up with a better defense for your point of view? Any comments questioning anything even remotely related to race brings out the whackos and they throw out the “racism” label.

sjhs1976 said...

Oh and there is a program in Irish Studies at The Catholic Unversity of America in Washington, DC that offers a Masters degree. Here is the URL:

Many colleges and Universities offer degrees in Philosophy. Can you tell me where you can get a job in Philosophy or even as a Philosopher?

And Ok, maybe "racist" is too strong a term but you have to admit that your blog is weighted strongly in favor of such a characterization. Then again it might just be me. But I'll ask some firends to include a currently serivng US Army Colonel to check it out. BUt then again he himself might just be a closeted, card carrying socialist, liberal, communist!

Texas Truth said...

sjhs76: Such hostility and anger. Didn't your loved ones hug you enough as a child? Just one question? What compnay is going to hire anyone with said degrees and expect them to earn money for said company?

sjhs1976 said...

Point to one sentence that shows hostility or anger? Ad hominem attacks won't change the issues at hand. You amde some claims indirectly that there were no courses, degrees, or programs in Irish-American or Italian-American studies. I have demonstrably shown that you either were too lazy to check the facts or checked the facts and deliberately decided to not correct the implicit and explicit nature of your position. In my book that is tantamount to lying. But if that works for you go right ahead lying to your worldwide audience of fans.