Monday, February 2, 2009

More American Traditions TRASHED By Barack HUSSEIN Obama

Barack HUSSEIN Obama (aka Little Barry Soetoro, The Boy Wonder, Oprah's Love Child, and BO) is trashing more traditions of the country that I love so much.

The Boy Wonder promised change and on his first morning as president he delivered. He appeared at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office in his shirt sleeves.

The last eight years, President George W. Bush made it a standing order that he and his staff would always wear their suit jackets in the Oval Office.

"It's a huge honor to walk in the Oval Office. It's hard for me to describe what an honor it is," he would often say.

It is also a long-standing tradition that just before the chief executive enters a room for a speech, he is announced: "Ladies and Gentlemen – the President of the United States." This is the standard introduction spoken by a staff member of the White House Communications Agency.

However this morning when Oprah's Love Child entered the East Room to address an audience about the economy, there was no announcement. He just walked right in – announcing his own presence with a hearty "Hello, everybody – good to see ya."

These are two more reasons that I cannot stand BO in the White House. He has no respect for the traditions of the job. He has no respect for the traditions of MY country. He has no respect for the men who preceded him in the job.

If he wants to have a chance to lead this country and gain followers to his agenda, he had better learn that the majority of Americans want their President to be a leader, not some liberal college professor whom all the students like.

"When you start looking like Marines you'll start feeling like Marines and then, Goddamn it, you'll start acting like Marines. Platoon, ten-hut! Right face! Forward march!" - Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Highway as played by Clint Eastwood in the movie "Heartbreak Ridge"


Law and Order Teacher said...

This guy's a disaster. He couldn't hold the jock of many of the presidents he follows.

Texas Truth said...

Law and Order Teacher: I agree and I LOVE the way you put it. Thanks.

sjhs1976 said...

You racist are a piece of work. Who exactly is this speaking with Harriet Myers in the Oval Office without a jacket on? Oh yeah that's right he wasn't ever really elected so this guy gets a pass on the whole tradition and respect for the office thing.

Texas Truth said...

sjhs1976: Yadda...Yadda...Yadda!!! This is the same old liberal, democratic, socialist rhetoric from a supporter of The Current Temporary Resident of the White House. As far as racist, many would think YOU are racist for throwing out the "racism" defense. Get a live dude and don't keep "preaching the hate" as so many of your kind do. BTW, where is YOUR blog so I and others can read your posts and opinions on things?

sjhs1976 said...

You idiot! The point is that you found it so easy and convenient to post the picture of President Barack Hussein Obama and couldn't find the time to do a fact check and find the same on President G.W. Bush. The rhetoric that accompanies the URL is just that - rhetoric Do you know what that means?. So now what happens if I apologize for the rhetoric and still leave the URL to the picture of President G.W.Bush in shirtsleeves in the Oval Office doing work? How does that square with your take on President Obama sullying the office and tradition by wearing shirtsleeves? The point is that absent my comments the picture of President Bush in the Oval office without a jacket and conducting business puts the lie to your post.

And my apologies for not having a blog. I volunteer as teacher, coach soccer for the Boys & Girls Club, and I'm the webmaster for the Morgan State University ROTC Alumni Association. Did I mention that I served 13 years in the US Army as a Commissioned Officer and 1 year before that in the Maryland Army National Guard as an enlisted man? How about you? You got so much to say have you volunteered in the service of this great country of ours?

sjhs1976 said...

Oh and it isn't a racism defense you moron. It is a charge. The charge is against you not in defense of me.

And it's get a "l-i-f-e" not "l-i-v-e". If you're going to have a blog even someone of your provenance should be able to use spellcheck.

Texas Truth said...

sjhs1976: Keep throwing that racism defense or charge. It just shows how racist YOU are!!! AS FAR AS SPELLING...GET WHATEVER YOU NEED. You sounds like a little child in the playground who wants to be heard over everyone else. But I respect your ight to express your opinions, no matter how off many think they are. That is the difference. You come to MY house and trash what I write yet yoo do not have the GUTS to post your own thoughts and publish them in YOUR blog to allow otehrs to trash them Typical liberal. What is right for you is not right for anyone else. PS: If there are any incorrectly spelled words, I AM REALLY sorry. I know how that upsets a person like you

sjhs1976 said...

I'm not "trashing" what you write. I'm simply point out either the laziness of your research or the deliberate obfuscation of same. Your position on this topic is that President Barack Hussein Obama has "trashed American Traditions" by appearing in shirtsleeves in the Oval Office. I simply pointed out that with a 15 minute Google search anyone on the face of the Earth could find what I found. That is that your paragon of "American Tradition" President George W. Bush is pictured in the same attire in the same place doing official work. Now there is the fact that President Bush did have that policy. But either he is a hypocrite, since of course there is evidence that he violated his own rule at least once or the rule was just for show. You cannot have both ways. You can't savage President Obama for wearing shirtsleeves and then not savage President Bush for violating his own rule. At least President Obama can't be said to be a hypocrite since he has no such rule. So which is it? And again my statement about the election issue relative to President Bush is of no substance in this issue. That statement of mine is unnecessary in this discussion. So ignore it and address the issue of President Bush appearing in shirtsleeves in the Oval office in violation of his own published and much vaunted rule. Which is it, is he a hypocrite or is this whole issue of President Obama in shirtsleeves in the Oval just a "red herring"? Or is there something a little bit more sinister afoot?

sjhs1976 said...

Oh and by the way the issue of "...he couldn't hold the jock of many of the [P]residents he follows" What was President Bush's GPA from Harvard? What was President Obama's? Which other President was the Editor of the Harvard Law School Journal? That's not to say that we, yes we American's haven't been blessed with very intelligent, erudite and charasmatice Presidents. But to say that President Obama "couldn't hold the jock..." of another previous President smacks of disrepect and just a little...well I'm not leaving myself open to the false flag of crying the proverbial "wolf".

Texas Truth said...

Below the advice that the Current Temporary Resident of the White House reportedly gave to the staff of the Harvard Law Review when minor disputes broke out.

"Just remember, folks: Nobody reads it."

I bet he gave the same advice to this follows when he tried to get his stimulus package passed.