Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sean Delonas' "Shot Monkey" Cartoon

Cartoonist Sean Delonas is stirring up more controversy and it deals with today's cartoon in the New York Post.

The New York Post drew accusations of racism for allowing Delonas' political cartoon that some have said compares President Barack Obama to a mad chimpanzee. The cartoon was playing off an incident involving a chimpanzee that severely mauled a woman and then was shot by police in Connecticut on Monday.

This was interesting for me because I was checking my blog hits this evening and I had an amazing 1800+ hits today.

I was wondering what I had wrote to create such a stampede to my blog. The results indicated that people were going to my posts on the Delonas cartoons I have published previously on my site.

The funny thing is that I had recently deleted said cartoons after reading that posting said cartoons may not be in proper use of said medium. (PS: I will attempt to reinstate said cartoons to their original place when I get time)

I have checked around and found that numerous web sources are posting the cartoon, so I assume my concerns about posting his cartoons were unfounded.

FYI: The cartoonist's website is down today.

Delonas' cartoon is posted below. Please let me know what you think about it.

".....absolutely friggin' ridiculous. Do you really think I'm saying Obama should be shot? I didn't see that in the cartoon. It's about the economic stimulus bill. If you're going to make that about anybody, it would be [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi, which it's not." - Sean Delonas

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