Friday, June 26, 2009

An Educational Method That GOT Results

Noted speech therapist John Wayne uses an unorthodox, yet effective method to cure a young man of a speech impediment.

It would be great if we, as educators, were allowed to use such methods to get the job done in the classroom. Sometimes using PC methods only results in further problems. After all, most of MY generation was raised like this, and we didn't turn out half bad.

"Trying don't get it done." - John Wayne in the movie "The Cowboys"


Law and Order Teacher said...

It ain't my fault...How many times do we hear that everyday. America is the "It ain't my fault" country and that's why we're in the fix we're in now. The Duke. The Man.

Texas Truth said...

Law and Order Teacher: I hear that everyday at my school. It has become the standard response when a student is caught doing something wrong.