Thursday, June 11, 2009

The DEATH of Analog Television

Today is the last day for free antenna viewing television. I still have a few TVs in my home that receive signals from an antenna.

One is my RCA battery powered handheld TV (which I use while travelling and during power outages). The other is in our master bathroom, so we can listen to the news, weather, etc. while getting ready for work.

In addition, I have two more battery powered portable TVs which we bought over the years.

As of 6:45 CDT tomorrow, they will all be obsolete. I will eventually go out and buy a small handheld digital TV, but that will come at a later time

However, we am now in possession of four units of which we cannot use.

America is a country of thinkers. We have overcome adversity and found solutions for problems for generations.

I would like to see is an in depth, very detailed article, based on extensive research on what to do with old analog, handheld, pocket televisions. I hate to see things sit around and gather dust when there has to be uses for said items.

Other than becoming a paperweight or a doorstop, are there any ideas of how they can be adapted or used? There has to be some old time tinkerers out there that have some ideas.

"Necessity, who is the mother of invention." - Plato

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