Saturday, June 27, 2009

She Wore A Yellow Ribbon

A clip from "She Wore A Yellow Ribbon" with John Wayne and Ben Johnson.

"She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" is a 1949 western film directed by John Ford and was the second of Ford's trilogy of films focusing on the US Cavalry, the other two films being Fort Apache (1948) and Rio Grande (1950).

With a budget of $1.6 million, the film was one of the most expensive westerns of the time, but became a major hit for RKO and remains a popular classic today.

"That ain't my department." - Ben Johnson as Sgt. Tyree


Law and Order Teacher said...

Now you've done it. I have to watch a John Wayne movie tonight now. As we've known before, we're as big a Duke fans as there are. One question, how did those women ride sidesaddle and not fall off. Kind of like, how do they wear those high heels and not trip. Ah, questions that plague men.

Texas Truth said...

Law and Order Teacher: I have been watching a great deal of old moives over the summer. It is just too hot during the day to get out and do anything else.