Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hasan Hired Lawyer To Help Get Discharge

The Houston Chronicle posted on their "News Watch: Breaking News" page the Hasan had hired lawyer to help get a discharge from the U.S. Army.

Here is the article:

The Associated Press is digging into possible motives for the shootings. The military has said Hasan was scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan, but AP reporter Angela K. Brown reports that some family members suggested he was trying avoid serving overseas.

Hasan's relatives who live in the Palestinian territories have said they had heard from family members that Hasan felt mistreated in the Army as a Muslim.
"He told (them) that as a Muslim committed to his prayers he was discriminated against and not treated as is fitting for an officer and American," said Mohammed Malik Hasan, 24, a cousin, told the AP from his home on the outskirts of Ramallah, a Palestinian city north of Jerusalem. "He hired a lawyer to get him a discharge."
Here is a response by a poster named SHunter:

Garbage. Absolute freaking garbage. It's almost like they (along with the media's help) are trying to justify what he did. I call BS.

If you are unhappy with deployment, then don't deploy. They can't/won't "force" you to deploy. You may go to jail or something, but they can't "force" you to go. Killing 12 random people and wounding 30 more is in no way any sort of "solution" to that problem.

He was harassed and discriminated against? Sure, it would be ignorant to assume that he never experienced any of that, but haven't we all (yes, including white people)? In fact, it sounds like he was VERY WELL LIKED by a lot of people who were around him, including neighbors and peers... The one reported incident regarding his car being keyed and an Allah bumper-sticker being ripped off resulted in the suspect being arrested. But an isolated incident of harassment/discrimination drove him to killing 12 random people and wounding 30 more?

Absolute GARBAGE. Quit trying to justify what this terrorist did. Yes, that's right, he's a terrorist. That doesn't mean that his religion definitely played a role in this, but it would be very hard to dismiss, given the extreme nature of what he did and his blog post comparing suicide attacks to jumping on a live grenade...

It just sickens me to hear his family and the media try to justify and "make sense" of this terrorist's actions....
And yet another by DAMCMP:

as an Army veteran..the job is hard enough without
dumba$$es and foulups and MUSLIMS behind you with a a Major and a doctor he wasn't facing much hardcore were all the privates picking on him on the playground? I don't think so....... the Uniform Code Military Justice would not allow for that....

They both make valid points. It is a shame that I cannot use this murderer and his actions as a "teachable moment" in my classes.

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