Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Two Former Silsbee (TX) Football Players Indicted for Sexual Assult

A southeastern Texas grand jury has indicted two former Silsbee High School sfootball players in the alleged sexual assault of a school cheerleader.

Read the story in the Houston Chronicle by clicking

IMHO, Bolton (left) and Roundtree (above) sound like a couple of "players" who "believed" they could do as they pleased because they had the skill of catching and/or throwing a football.

I will keep everyone posted on this story.

"The family isn't happy with their daughter being assaulted or with anything surrounding the case, but they're satisfied the system is back on track. It's interesting that this is the second grand jury to hear the facts that occurred more than a year ago. Another grand jury was scheduled to hear the case in September of this year, but because of the inappropriate release of information to the grand jury from the D.A.'s office, that grand jury was denied the opportunity to hear the case. This grand jury heard essentially the same information heard by the previous grand jury. They had the Silsbee P.D. case file. This has been available to the school district and they didn't do one darned thing except yank the cheerleader out of her activities because she protested having to cheer during a basketball game for one of the people accused of sexually assaulting her." - Larry Watts, a Houston-area attorney representing the teen's family in the civil lawsuit filed in Hardin County.

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