Friday, November 6, 2009

I Am Back and MAD AS HELL!!!!!

Things are still pushing me to the limit at school, but recent events have inspired me to get serious about posting again.

I was leaving school yesterday when I heard the news about the shooting at Fort Hood. I have had a good deal of interaction with the area and its residents for the past 40 years.

It is an area of middle class, conservative values. The people of the area are the kind of people you would want to live in your neighborhood.

To hear that Nidal Malik Hasan walked into the Soldiers’ Readiness Processing Centre on Fort Hood and begin killing soldiers and anyone who got in the way first mad me hurt...then it mad em MAD!!!

There is some discussion and debate of what Hasan's intentions were?

IMHO, there was only one reason for this senseless act!




I hope the have the trial of this low-life piece of trash in Texas. I would love to go see this guy put through the ringer.

As always, the main stream media is attempting to placate the liberals. Last night, I had posts and comments that were critical of Hasen and our President removed from the Houston Chronicle's site.

I guess that was because I had the guts to claim that PBo (Barack HUSSEIN Obama) is partially to blame for this act. If he would get off his butt act like a PRESIDENT, then this may have been avoided.

He stated that he was saddened by the incident and we should not jump to conclusions about the shooter.

I can jump to all the conclusions I want...This guy needs to be executed.

I would like to ask PBo how does it feel to have this terrible act happen on his watch, while he failed to act to protect pout country, our citizens, and our military?

If I did make the inquiry, I would expect the same double-talk and triple speak that he has used to get everything he wanted his entire life.


Angela @DomesticDivpalooza said...

Fort Hood Killeen is my home town. I was born at Darnell Army Hospital. I lived on base in Comanche 3a when I was growing up. I graduated high school in Killeen when there were only two high schools you could graduate from. I posted about this too. I agree with everything you wrote.

Texas Truth said...

Angela @DomesticDivpalooza: Thanks for the comment. I remember your background. I also have ties to the Fort Hood-Killeen area but cannot be specific as to keep identity a secret. I have had people today tell me the whole area around Fort Hood is a "shithole" and "filled with a bunch of crazies." That pissed me off. They do not know what it is/was like around the area. I have many great memories about the area. I am keeping up on this tragedy. I would like to be around for the trial and his upcoming execution, as I bet many people would like to be.