Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hasen, PBo and the Houston Chronicle

I was reading the Houston Chronicle this morning; posting comments to the articles under my moniker "texasquestion". There was a post concerning PBo not going to Fort Hood to comfort and show his compassion for the victims and their families.

The following comments were posted by people.

SLATER2099 wrote:

Why is Obama not at Fort Hood right now? over 40 U.S. Military personel are either wounded or killed on U.S. soil...Obama didn't seem to have a problem appearing on "The Late Show with David Letterman" in September or taking time out of his schedule to drink a beer with a Harvard professor and Cambridge police officer who had a dispute over a local, misdemeanor arrest in July.

fenceSitter had the following reply:

why? does a president need to go? would it not be a distraction. There were enough political grandstanders from our great gov to others running for office. sometimes the best thing is to stay away. the base is in morning. Do you know what it takes for the president to just fly down there

My response to both is as follows:

Why? Why you inquire? Because the act of going to Fort Hood does not benefit him one single bit (or so he thinks). What he does not realize, or doesn’t care, is that as a result of his inaction and insensibility to the troops at Fort Hood, he has lost their vote and support forever. History will view what he did shortly after the attack and his lack of commitment and support to the victims and their families in the hours and days following the attack as the beginning of his downfall. The military, those who have any connection to the military, and their supporters have a VERY LONG memory and THEY VOTE!!!! That one single act of inaction is the beginning of the end of his political career.

Just some food for thought and the opinion of a damn good educator!!!!

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