Friday, December 29, 2006

News Agency's Coverage: Saddam's Execution

9:19pm CST: CNN's Anderson Cooper has stated that the execution has not been confirmed.

9:20pm CST: Fox News' Gretta Van Susteren is interviewing Saddam's attorney. He is trying to defend Saddam.

9:22pm CST: Headline News' Nancy Grace is doing a story on Laci Peterson. I guest she missed this story.

9:24pm CST: The three major networks, NBC, CBS, and ABC have not cut into their regular programing to announce his execution. I may have missed them cutting in or running a scroll at the bottom of the screen. However, if they didn't announce it, I wouldn't be surprised.

9:27pm CST: Anderson Cooper states that Arab language media reports he has been executed. He further stated if they receive images of the execution, they would determine and edit them if they feel they are too graphic.

Isn't that interesting. This is from the same news agency that felt it was appropriate to air video of an American solider being killed by a sniper in Iraq. I guess images of Saddam's execution might be disturbing but images of an American solider being killed was not.

I always knew that CNN meant "Clinton News Network." I guess they continue to take the liberal, anti-American standing on most things.


Howard D said...

Fantastic of course they won't respond to any of this because they use the war as a excuse because they are really just Anti-Bush. Anti-Moral.
In fact they are the same group that disgraced the US in 60's. They are to stupid to realize that the REST of the world doesn't care or believe in their peace and love crap they will bury us.

Texas Truth said...

You are correct. Somethings never change. Attack the President and his supporters and ignore the real problems.

What a bunch of losers.