Saturday, December 29, 2007

Garland Girl's Fake Contest Entry Thrown Out

The 6-year-old Garland, Texas girl whose winning entry in a Hannah Montana essay contest was found to be false will not collect the prize of seeing the singer in concert after all.

Mary Drolet, chief executive officer of Club Libby Lu, the company aimed at "tween" girls that sponsored the contest, announced Saturday that the prize was being withdrawn. The announcement came a day after a Club Libby Lu spokesperson initially said the company would honor the prize even though the girl's father was not a soldier and did not die in Iraq, as the essay said.

I am glad to see this. The loser mother and her daughter do not need to win any prizes. I feel sorry for the young girl; however, her mother is a piece of work.

Earlier today, I found her MySpace page and it was filled with gang-banger, bling-bling trash that showed her true nature.

Media has reported that members of her family had been involved in criminal activity and has criminal records. I would be willing to bet this woman is following in the footsteps of her relatives.

The girl's mother, Priscilla Ceballos, refused to comment at the store Friday or when reached at home Saturday. A woman who answered the phone at Ms. Ceballos' home referred calls to an attorney but did not provide contact information.

A few questions come to mind:

1. Was there ever a father of the daughter in the picture?

2. Was the father actually in the military?

3. Who is Jonathon Menjivar, the man listed at the father who dies in Iraq?

4. Does this woman have a criminal history?

5. Are she, her daughter, and the relatives who live with her legally in the country?

6. Will she face criminal charges as a result of this attempt fraud?

I will keep abreast of this story and post further finds as soon as they become available.


Peter said...

The MySpace page has already been taken down. That was quick. The Bebo page was still accessible as of 1 a.m. CST.

This woman should be indicted by federal prosecutors on charges of mail fraud.

Crimson Wife said...

I'm with you on thinking that she ought to be prosecuted for attempted fraud. I wouldn't personally jail her for it if turns out to be her first offense and she demonstrates remorse for her actions. In that case, IMHO she ought to pay a hefty fine, do community service, complete a parenting course, and receive several years' probation. That ought to be enough to teach her a lesson about lying.

TexSport Publications said...
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QueenBee0117 said...

I can not believe that anyone would ever lie about their father being deployed in the military and being killed. There are so many wives and children, including myself and daughter that are dealing with the reality of deployment and let me tell you its not easy...worrying every day that someone dressed in Army Class As is going to come up to your door with the statement that NO WIFE wants to hear! This child and mother need to meet some of the families that have actually lost someone in Iraq and deal with their opinions of making up lies just to win Hannah Montana tickets! Either buy them for your daughter or dont go! Its simple and if you can't afford them...YOU DONT NEED TO GO!!!!

Texas Truth said...

QueenBee0117: This should have been a criminal act!