Sunday, December 23, 2007

More on Houston's Status as a Sanctuary City

As I have been reading the comments and posting on the Houston Chronicle's forum concerning Houston as a sanctuary city, I have come across some very liberal views by some wacko posters.

They are posted below. I have also listed a link to their information page on the Chronicle's web site. Click on the poster's name to link to their page.

PS: Their comments are posted EXACTLY as they were on the Houston Chronicle's website.

lily1 wrote: Regarding the sanctuary city label, I believe that every city and town should be a sanctuary when it comes to compassion towards a human being. No one should ever be denied assistance. This does not mean an endless free ride, just a helping hand to get past a crisis. And O'Reilly? He is nothing but "info-tainment." He needs to retire. He is old hat, destructive and judgmental, in addition to being a phone pervert.

jackdempsey wrote: O'R sells ratings and viewers...Have you ever known Billy to get any fact right?1st off, Pasadena has its own PD with chief (who, by the way is a star and a great chief); 2nd, obviously, Brain Billy O, it logically would make sense that illegals would be in the cities by the border. Does the clod think the Federal Funding should go to Omaha?What a ditz. His show is so filled with spite and inaccuracies. and false half truths, that anyone who would listen to his trash is crazy. Long live the PD chief of both Houston and Pasadena

Lib_RDR wrote: It just amazes me how ignorant, prejudiced, bigoted and xenophobic some people are. I have spent the last several minutes reading this article and ALL the comments that have sprouted forth from it...and all I can say is that I am so disappointed so many of my fellow Houstonians/Texans.

ejefebob wrote: What is it about right wingers that they have to deny and rewrite history? First it was all the kerapp about the US being a "Christian nation" which is patently false, now we're denying that slavery had anything to do with the civil war? Please. As I said twice now, there were multiple issues that started the war, but slavery (or the attempt to abolish it) was in the center of the conflict.

otto_smidlapp wrote: Have we forgot what time of year this is and that we are celebrating thebirth of Jesus. He was asked, "What are the greatest comandments?"His answer. "Love God and love your neighbor". How would He treat illegalimmigrants? As criminals or as part of God's creation?North America was a sanctuary for the first Europeans that settled Jamestown.In the eyes of the native Indians that were here first, they were illegalyet they were treated with Christian kindness and they knew nothingabout Christainity.

As I have stated in previous posts, there are some crazy people out there. I wonder what color the sky is in their world?

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