Sunday, December 30, 2007

Links to Priscilla Ceballos Web Sites

Below are links to Priscilla Ceballos' web pages and other realed siates that are related to this fraud. She is the low-live woman who lied about her daughter's father dying in Iraq to win her daughter free Hannah Montana tickets.

Please check out these sites and see how this woman chooses to live her life. In addition, check out some of the comments left by visitors. WARNING: They are not for the faint of heart.

Priscilla Ceballos' Bebo Website

Video of Priscilla Ceballos interview on

Priscilla Ceballos' MySpace site

Blog with article and photo of Low-Life Mother and her daughter. (added to this blog on December 30, 2007 1:32pm CST)

I am ready to see someone wipe that silly little smirk off her face.


Delswife said...

What a dirtbag this 'lady' (??) is.

I feel sorry for the daughter. Nice roll model she has.

I hope she has to face some kind of charges.

Linda said...

Please tell me they will charge her with fraud! What a disgusting person - using the real deaths of our soldiers to win tickets to a freaking concert! Do anything is what she is teaching her daughter, include disrespect families whose children have died in Iraq. What is happening in this country? THINGS are more important than values. I really love her lip liner - she even has to fake lips!

Texas Truth said...

Delswife and Linda: Being from a military family, I feel it was despicable for her to do what she did.

When she involved her 6-year-old in a scam to defraud, she became IMHO not fit to have children. Add that to the fact that, if she used the mail, said fraud would constitute a federal offense (mail fraud), she deserves all the negatives she gets.

Its seems she had already gone into hiding. If what she did is right, why is she hiding?

CresceNet said...

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Kimberly said...

Please take down the link to their address. I realize it is fairly easily to find, but you are potentially endangering a young child by publicizing the child's address. Some nut case might decide to teach both the mother and child a lesson.

The mother is mostly responsible for what happened.

Texas Truth said...

Kimberly: Good Idea! Thanks

Ol' BC said...

TT, it was disgusting. BUT, what were the rules of the contest? Nobody seems to talk about that. Was fiction prohibited. If so, rip her. If not, she was trying to win high demand tickets. She went for the emotional vote and got it. Sometimes legal is a little dirty. This could be a case of that.

Goss INDIA said...

Texas Truth thanks for share my blog post

Anonymous said...

You all are really blowing this way out of proportion. She was wrong for lying but to call her a scumbag and all manner of names, you are no better than she is. By the way, that is her father's myspace page, not the childs father.

Texas Truth said...

anonymous: YADDA....YADDA...YADDA.
Yeah, right. keep the spin going. Like she didn't know what she was doing? Sure she did!!! She didn't think she would get caught. Why now is she doing spin control? She probably got advice from her lawyer that she COULD be charge with fraud.

What a loser. In addition, if it was not such a big deal, why did she lawyer up?

angie said...

I agree with the woman that we should'nt be talking so badly about the little girl, I mean come on...what is she 6!!! how do we blame her?? The Mother is completley at fault, you only know what you are taught and I for one and not going to say things to hurt the little girl, Now as far as the mom with the " EYEBROWS " I hope she gets whats coming to her!!

I have noticed that people are playing the race card and I hate that , It doesnt matter what color or race you are from, people do stupid shit everyday! But let's not blame the little girl!!!

Texas Truth said...

angie: You are correct. The daughter is not at fault, the mothr is. In addition, race has nothing to do with this. Bad people are everywhere. Trash is not limited to any race. There are good and bad people in every race and culture.

Texas Truth said...

Ol' BC: I read somewhere (I cannot remember where) that an essay, by definition is a true account.

Please do not quote me on that. I am an amateur writer at best.

Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

You're no better than her. You have posted her sister, and grandfather's myspace links? WHY? What did they do? Also, why was a 3 sentence "essay" selected as the winner as well? It's obvious it was picked for only one reason and certainly not judged for the "essay" on it's own merit. Seems to me that the rules should have read "best sob story" will be chosen as the winner.

Sweetie, try picking up a newspaper or watching the news and finding a real story to get morally outraged over. Try to keep it in perspective.

Texas Truth said...

Anonymous: Some old lame story. They were all in on this together. If you had the guts to publish under a real name, perhaps your credibility would be taken more seriously.

Anonymous said...

LMAO...yeah...sure...Texas is your first name and Truth is your last name?!?! HAHAHAH...What a lame argument. What's really scary is someone like you teaching our children. What was your purpose for posting those links? Try teaching something that matters. Yes, what she did was scuzzy, but what you're doing is just as scuzzy and trashy. This was a contest, not World Peace hanging in the balance (I repeat, keep it in perspective). Being a teacher, I would certainly hope you were more in tune with what is going on in the world and the "REAL PROBLEMS" that we have instead of focusing your outrage on whether someone cheated in a contest.

Someone like you is a danger in the classroom and I shudder to think what you are teaching. No my dear, if YOU had any "GUTS", you would put your real name and what school you teach at so other parents could see what a freakishly, scary, trashy, lowlife piece of scum is teaching their children.

With that being said, I'm through. I understand that ignorant scum like yourself will never understand.

I just wonder how in the world you ever survived this long???????????

Texas Truth said...

Anonymous: rant on, rant on. In fact, I have discussed this with the students I teach and they think she is pretty much trash also. In addition, that comes from classes that have a majority of Hispanics in them.

As far as surviving in this world, you deal with your life and comments and I will deal with mine. In fact, I KNOW someone who was killed in Iraq and having been involved with the military the majority of my life gives me a perspective on this issue that most do not have.

As for my comments, I can post whatever I want, whenever I want. That is what makes this forum so great. Post what you want, because that it what the world is about. You are entitled to your opinion, no matter how misguided, uniformed or ridiculous it is. So have a good day smoking whatever you are smoking. It sure comes out in your comment.

Anonymous said...

*SNICKER*...You should really try to calm down. I think I'm beginning to see a pattern here that is really disturbing. The only rant I see is coming from you, and I have to admit, it carries no merit whatsoever. So you know someone who died in Iraq...OK...your point is what?? What is this great perspective you have? I no someone who died in Vietnam...does that count? I was a military brat, does that count? My husband was in Vietnam, does that count?

So you had a discussion with your students about this woman and the huge tragedy that occurred because of her lie. WOW...a lesson on trash!! So what do you think should be done to the woman? Maybe the death penalty would make you happy? Or how about a good old public flogging? I'm really curious what you think should be done.

What does the fact that they are majority Hispanic have to do with anything? No, I'm not Hispanic if that's what your rascist mind is thinking.

Again, what is your reasoning for posting all those links?? Only thing I see is someone that does something like that is trying to stir that big old pot and have others do her dirty work. Tsk Tsk. Somehow, I doubt the school system would feel this was appropriate behavior of a teacher. Of course, with the school systems in a downward spiral these days, nothing surprises me anymore. I thank the heavens above my child is now in college and doesn't have to deal with the inferior schools of today.

As far as your statement about being able to post whatever you want and whenever you want, I'm gonna assume you teach middle school. That is something a tween would say. I actually chuckled when I read it.

Smoking something....nahhh...but after reading your dribble, I'm certainly tempted.

By the way, try learning to respond to the topics, it certainly would be more interesting. Hey, maybe even your students would learn soemthing!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a military man and returned from my 2nd tour in Iraq.

Send this woman to Iraq and let her serve with the Army or Marine Corps on the front line, then her daughter can right a truthfull essay.

She should be jailed.

Texas Truth said...

Anonymous: yes she should. Give her a taste of what "really" people are like in a war zone. She can find out that it is nothing like the "gang banger" world she currently lives in.