Saturday, December 8, 2007

Joe Horn Supporters Shut Down Quanell X

More information has come forth on Joe Horn and the shooting of two criminal aliens hell bent on committing crimes against good hard working honest citizens of the United States.

Quanell X showed up with his band of merry men to protest in Pasadena this past Sunday and Texas Truth has found uncut raw video of the protest.

It has also come to light that Joe Horn allegedly shot the two criminals in the back.

It does not matter to me that Mr. Horn shot and killed these two men (and I use the word "men" with a very liberal tone). They were criminals and deserved what they got. If they had lived a more honest life and been a productive member of OUR society, they would be alive today.

The fact is that these two pieces of trash were not productive members of our society. They were criminals. They were criminals for breaking into the house. They were criminals for robbing the house. They were criminals for being in our country illegally. I could not care less that they are dead. Two more pieces of trash are off the streets.



Anonymous said...

I'm a Houston native, living in the Pasadena Independent School District.
I support Joe Horn. My prayer is that Joe will forgive himself and move on with his life. Joe did the right thing. I'm hispanic and I was raised in the inner city.
I've worked hard to better myself and I live in Southeast Houston, not far from Pasadena. I go to church in Pasadena. I support the values that all Pasadena ctizens have. It makes living in the area worthwhile. The families of those two criminals are just going to have to get over it. I've got news for Quanell X, he better leave Pasadena, Texas alone or he's going to get more than he's bargained for.

Texas Truth said...

Anonymous: It looks to me that the citizens of Pasadena are behind Mr. Horn 100%.

It is good that the fine people of Pasadena are supporting Joe.

Thnaks for your comment and your support of Mr. Horn.

Suzabella said...

Mr Horn for President!!! :)