Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Obama Clan to Play Active Roles at Democratic National Convention

Barack HUSSEIN Obama seems to be keeping it the family.

Michelle Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be the featured first-night speakers at the Democratic National Convention, which also will include a videotaped message from Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy.

Michelle Obama will be introduced by her brother, Craig Robinson, a former basketball star at Princeton and now coach at Oregon State, on the first night on Aug. 25. Barack Obama's half sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, also will have a role at the convention.

This sure sounds like the Democratic National Convention will be a good old fashion family reunion.

I wonder if BHO will fly in all his kinfolk for all over the world to celebrate in his coronation?

This guy really give me the proverbial "hee-bee jee-bees." I shutter to think what will happen if he gains the White House. His Presidency could set this country back 100 years.

"What the hell is the world coming to? - Buford T. Justice

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