Monday, May 4, 2009

I Am Tired Today!!!

As I stated in previous posts, my school completed the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) last week. I was back teaching my regular classes today and as I predicted, there was not much enthusiasm from the students.

I do wonder about their lack of motivation, but I can understand their lack of "get up and go."

After being hammered on for 7-plus months about TAKS, they are tired. In fact. I AM ALSO TIRED.

I had them work a review sheet that I had set aside for the substitute I was suppose to have today. I started feeling better late Sunday, so I canceled the substitute and came to work this morning.

Student look long and hard for the end of the spring semester. I remember when I was in school. Summer time meant family trips, going to the swimming pool, baseball and a general and overall time of R&R.

As a etacher, I understand their eagerness for summer to get here. After this year, I will most likely be more appreciative of it's appearance than the students.

"School's out for summer." - Alice Cooper (well, almost)

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