Monday, December 28, 2009

The 10 Hottest Bond Girls: Number 4

Number 4 on my list of "The 10 Hottest Bond Girls" comes from the tenth movie in the James Bond saga. It was the third performance for Roger Moore as Bond and this Bond Girl really left an impression on this writer when I first saw the movie as a senior in college.

Number 4 on by list is:

Barbara Bach as Major Anya Amasova (aka Agent XXX) in “The Spy Who Loved Me.”

The role of Anya Amasova brings the feminine touch and talent to the action. Bach is attractive, classy, stylish, intelligent, confident, very sexy, and absolutely wonderful.

The prevailing notion, among some, has always been that "Bond Girl" equals "Bimbo," which is not true at all. Most of the women Bond encounters are highly skilled professionals in whatever role they have.

She plays the role as smart, sexy, capable, and resourceful, Add these to the fact that it takes her almost the whole movie to actually fall in love with Bond. What will power!

Bach, who would soon be Mrs. Ringo Starr, was a few day shy of 30 when the movie was released. She married Ringo about a year and a half later.

She is a great selection for number 4 on my list.

(Speaking of her marriage to Ringo Starr) “I was never that much of a Beatles fan, which made it easier. I just treated him like anyone else. As time went on, however, I was touched by his generosity. He is so patient and understanding. - Barbara Bach

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