Thursday, December 24, 2009

The 10 Hottest Bond Girls (Redux: Number 7)

Here is Number 7 on my list of "The 10 Hottest Bond Girls." It was dated Friday, September 5, 2008.

Number 7 on my list of the The Hottest Bond Girls is again from the Pierce Brosnan era of James Bond. The movie was from 1999. It was again one in the bottom 50% of James Bond films, but this actress just oozed sexuality along with having a great name.

Number 7 on my list is:

Denise Richards as Dr. Christmas Jones in "The World Is Not Enough."

Richards put a new twist in the role as a Bond Girl. She was a bit too young-looking (28 years old), too glamorous and didn't present herself as serious minded enough to make us believe that she was a nerdy, anal-retentive, yet underneath it all, beautiful scientist-type. But in the reality of things, who gives a crap?

I like how they hinted at a past when Bond asked her what she was doing in Kazakhstan, and she replied, "Avoiding those kinds of question." But really, the writers should have better explored her relationship with Bond.

In closing, she had a great body and another perfect name for a Bond Girl. Add that to the fact that I loved her in "Wild Things," along with Neve Campbell, and she makes my top 10 list regardless of what anyone else thinks.

PS: Charlie Sheen is a giant mook for letting her get away. He has been named on my list of "Famous (or Infamous) Mooks" for a while. His decision to divorce her makes him a "Super Mook."

James Bond: [in bed with Jones] I was wrong about you.
Dr. Christmas Jones: Yeah, how so?
James Bond: I thought Christmas only comes once a year.

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