Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Andrew Riley Pleads Guilty, Is Sentenced

From "The Post Online" in Athens, Ohio.

In my mind, the punishment was not severe enough to fit the crimes.

Oh well, anyone want to lay odds that Andrew will mess up and be placed in the juvenile detention center.

As my dear old father used to say, "That is a sucker bet."

Judge Robert Stewart ruled that Andrew Riley be admitted to the Hocking Valley Community Residential Center in Nelsonville, write letters of apology to the victims of his crimes, pay restitution totaling more than $1,140 and remain on probation until the age of 21.

HVCRC serves as a type of “halfway house,” where juveniles are given training, education and counseling for rehabilitation, according to county Prosecutor C. David Warren. The program runs for six months and serves as an alternative to a juvenile detention center.

If Riley fails to complete any of the court’s orders, he could be placed in a juvenile detention center.


Law and Order Teacher said...

Wow, I bet that will turn him from a life of crime to a good law-abiding citizen. In law enforcement we use to call what he did a "continuing course of criminal conduct." He can easily dig his way out of these criminal charges? Only if he runs into another clueless judge like this.

Texas Truth said...

law and order teacher: I will keep him in my sites (via Google News Alerts) and see what else will arise on thiis little thug.

I still think he will be up for a lead role on "American's Most Wanted."