Saturday, June 2, 2007

Women Give Birth To Third Pair Of Twins

I saw this story on television on Friday evening. When they did the promo clip, some things came to my mind.

First I though she might have been on some sort of fertility drugs and possibly be an older woman.

After I saw the report and read the
article I found out the following facts:

  1. She always has two sets of twins (ages two and three) and another four year old daughter.
  2. The woman is only 20 years old. That means she had these children when she was 16, 17 and 18.
  3. She is unmarried.
  4. The children were from different fathers.
  5. She and the father of the current set of twins are both unemployed.
  6. They both are on welfare.

She was quoted in saying:

"I've always taken care of kids since I was little, I think that's where I got it. When I used to babysit a lot of kids, I wanted to have my own, a lot of kids," she said.

I say: Why are you bringing babies into this world you cannot possibly take of?

The father of the current twins was quoted as:

"Just focus, trying to have my mind right. Try to have my mind right, you know."

Perhaps that focus could have come at an earlier time ion your life. Like school, getting a job, and not bringing children into the world that you cannot possibly support.

Her mother was also quoted about the stress of bringing up seven children.

"I've always talked to her and told her about it, if you ever get depressed that bad, you've got people you can you can talk to, your sister, your brother, her boyfriend."

Notice she didn't mention herself as someone her daughter could talk to. Perhaps if she had talked to her daughter earlier, tehd aughter might not have had so many children.

She needs to have her tubes tied, the children taken, put up for adoption. She is condemning them to the perpetual life of poverty that she, her mother, and the current boyfriend are living in. What a bunch of losers!!!

And they put it on television!! What does one expect!!!!


Worrymon said...

They are called condoms. USE THEM!

Texas Truth said...

worryman: Condom, IUD, birth control pill. They would all work.