Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hillary Shoots Hoops has a short piece about some the of "facts" that Hillary Clinton is spouting in her run to be the Democratic Candidate for President.

The latest is that she has played pickup basketball.

Can you picture that. Hillary shooting some hoops with her homies.

I bet that would be a sight. Hillary taking it to the hoop!!!


Law and Order Teacher said...

Hillary as a homey. That's something I would like to see. Based on her proficiency with accents, she could fit right in. Another must see, Hillary in the military. Oh right, she doesn't think much of the military. How about Hillary hangin' with the police working in the ghetto. Yo 5-0, whassup? Ah, Hillary, one of the true shameless chamelions of the century.

Texas Truth said...

law and order teacher: Coud you see Hillary with her NY Nets jersey and her blig-blig on?