Saturday, June 2, 2007

Our Government's Responsibility

Finishing my thirtieth year in the classroom this past May has caused me to do a great deal of thinking lately.

I assume as one gets older, or closer to death that birth as I like to put it, things just come to mind. I cannot believe is has been thirty years since I first walked into a classroom to educate young minds. The time has surely flown.

Frequently, while watch a movie or a television show, I find myself going to the Internet Movie Database to find facts about the show, movie, or actors.

For some reason, tonight I went to the Bruce Willis page on the website and was reading his biography. It stated that he is one of the few Hollywood types who is a Republican. I did know that fact, but he was quoted saying that in addition to his Republican views, he also had some Democratic views.

This statement made me think about what exactly MY views were. I think I know what I believe, but sometimes I tend to see other people's points of view. Their views usually don't change my mind, but I really like to knowing what other people think and what their respective views are. It helps me to see the other point of view. Most of the time I don;t agree, but as I stated earlier, I like knowing what the think.

The role of our government was brought to mind. Exactly what people should the government take care of? That is a question that has been around since our great country was born.

I feel that four groups of people should be taken care of and protected. Whether the government takes the lead or directs other groups to do it, their well being should be ensured. Understand that I mean basic care and that care may not always be in the form of money.
  1. Children.
  2. People who cannot physically or mentally take care of themselves.
  3. The elderly
  4. The people who have picked up a weapon and defended this country.

In my book, everyone else should get a job and take care of themselves. If they CHOOSE not to, then so be it. They can starve, live under a bridge, or sleep in a storm drain for all I care. They are able bodied enough to care for themselves and should be expected to do so with little, if any help from the government.

I know some will say how much should they be cared for, how should it be done, where will the money or time come from?

That is what I believe. I have shared this list with my high school students as various times in the past years and I am always amazed that most of them agree with me.

As always, I welcome your comments. Perhaps someone out there will change my view on this subject.

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