Monday, December 22, 2008

HOUSTON CHRONICLE: Economy cuts immigrants' holiday trips home

In an article in yesterday's Houston Chronicle entitled "Cash Crunch Cuts Short Odysseys" and subtitled "A Worsening U.S. Economy Has Halted Holiday Trips Back Home For Some Immigrants From Latin America" it is alluded to that immigrants (aka criminal aliens) are having a tough time going back to their country of origin for the holidays.

I left a comment on the article and it is posted below. I post on the Houston Chronicle website as "
texasquestion". I use that moniker because I have been banned from the site four previous times under different names.

Here is what I posted:

I must agree with you. Their residence in OUR country is based on committing a crime and by staying here, pass on that criminal culture to their children. They feel they have the right to be criminals. They actually use their downtrodden existence to their benefit by convincing people that they have a right to be here. They use the guilt of weak minded people who feel sorry for them to gain things they are not entitled to. It is similar to the commercial that show starving children in a third world country and beg you to contribute money to feed them. I always felt that perhaps the cameraman should give them something to eat if their hunger is such an important thing. In a similar fashion, why don't these people remain in the country of origin and make things better. They reason is they are too lazy, not educated enough, or simply feel their are entitled to break the law. So they enter OUR country illegally and count on either the guilt filled commoner or the liberals who want to court them for their votes to stay in power. It is a never ending cycle; unless they make their own lives better Look at all the US money they send back to their country of origin? If they had any allegiance to the United States, they would do things legally and assimilate into OUR culture instead of lowering OUR standard of living and dragging us down into the third world crap hole similar to where they came.

I guess my comment says it all.

"Illegal aliens continue to funnel directly into many of our local communities and adversely impact our way of life by overwhelming our schools, inundating our health care system and, most concerning, threatening our safety." - Duncan Hunter

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