Monday, December 29, 2008

Houston Protesters Rally for Gaza

Smoke billows from a targeted location inside the northern Gaza Strip during an Israeli air raid. Photo courtesy of AFP.

Today in the Houston Chronicle was an
article entitled "Hundreds rally near Galleria against Gaza attacks" with the subtitle "Another protest is set for Monday at Israeli Consulate."

There were people posting in the comments section about the rally, attacks and other related issues.

The posts were split about 50-50 between pro-Israel and pro-Hamas supporters.

One poster, bigTEXAS, posted the comment: "Why is the media constantly making Israel look like the bad guy?"

On their forum, I post as "texasquestion". I use that moniker as I have been censored under four previous user names. I attempt to not get very radical as the Chronicle Police tend to censor and possibly locks one's account if one get too controversial.

Here is my post:

Because they are in bed with the liberal democrats that view Israel as a tool of the right. By making Israel out to be the bad guys, they gain support for the libs and dems and put forth the impression that they support the downtrodden masses of the world. Expect this to continue to a greater scale now the The Boy Wonder, Barack HUSSEIN Obama (aka Little Barry Soetoro) becomes the temporary resident of The White House.

I am planning on being in Houston on Monday (today) for a short get-a-way. I am thinking about going by the protest and seeing if I can get anything for a future post.

"And if we’re lucky, once they’re done with Gaza, they can take out the SanFran Bay area, opps, I meant Iran’s nuke plants next." - AlohaGuy, a poster in the comments section of Michele Malkin's website.


Average American said...

It's absolutely sickening how the media treats Israel. Hamas can do no wrong but Israel better not try to retaliate---or else!

Texas Truth said...

Average American: It is sickening. They will NEVER take the conservative side. If I get any photos at the protest, I will post them.