Monday, March 2, 2009

Chris Baker Returns to Houston Airwaves

Chris Baker, a longtime conservative talk show host on 740 am and 950 am in Houston, returns to the Houston airways today.

Baker, who has been working at
KTLK 100.3 in Minneapolis for the past 18 months, will return to 750 am in Houston, occupying the 3-5pm time slot Monday through Friday.

Baker was extraordinarily popular in Houston and his departure left a large gap in the talk show schedule in Houston. Link to Baker's 950 am KPRC web site

Check him out if you can pick up 950 am from Houston. He really brings the radio alive. with his conservative prospective and unique commentary.

Below is Chris Baker's biographical statement for his website:

So who are you, Chris Baker ... and why are you on my radio station?

Let me give you the basics:

I am an independent conservative with 3 small children and a wife who I love more than anything I could have ever imagine.

I see politicians as nothing more than puppets and gangsters and that is regardless of party.

I believe in the concept of the individual. We are all individuals to start and we join groups as we grow but it is the concept and acknowledgment that we are individuals that is supposed to keep us on the right path. When our group goes down the wrong path then it is up to us as individuals to make a decision as an individual to leave the group and walk a path of righteousness.

I believe in killing terrorist before they kill someone I love.

I believe that illegal immigration will destroy this country and that supporters of illegal immigration have no argument, they can't honestly debate because their entire position is based on a lie.

Global warming is a scam. Anyone who thinks that we can control nature is delusional.

Talk radio is my job and my dream come true. Talk radio is one of many entertainment mediums. It's the most important entertainment medium because it is the only real time, interactive medium where politicians are held accountable for their actions. It's the only medium where the people who really make America work (you) gather to exchange ideas and opinions. Where they find out they are not alone in their beliefs, get some information and have a laugh at themselves and their neighbors. It's where true free speech is exercised on a daily basis.

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