Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Criminal Alien Iman Threatens Hunger Strike

Sheikh Zoubir Bouchikhi, a 39-year-old imam of Houston’s Abu Bakr Siddqui mosque, has been held without bail at a Houston detension center since December 17, 2008.

Bouchikhi is a native of Algeria who came to America 11 years ago as a student. He later obtained a religious worker visa and applied for permanent residency status for himself, his wife and oldest child. Bouchikhi’s other three children are American-born citizens.

A green card petition on the imam’s behalf by the Islamic Society of Greater Houston was accepted in 2003, but revoked in 2007. So now he sits in jail and is planing to start a hunger strike today to protest the government’s refusal to release him on bail while he awaits a deportation hearing.

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This man is nothing more than another criminal trying to play the system.

If he is such a good, law abiding person, then why did he not leave the country when his green card status was revoked in 2007?

The reason is as follows: A green card petition on the imam’s behalf by the Islamic Society of Greater Houston was accepted in 2003, but revoked in 2007. Lawyers representing the imam say they submitted documentation to address the government’s concerns, but their appeal was rejected in November. At that point, he should have left the country. This is a direct quote from the article.

Obviously there are some issues with Bouchikhi that concerns the "powers that be."

I have always thought people who make the choice to start a hunger strike are very childish. It reminds me of a little boy or girl who doesn't get his/her way and threatens to hurt their self to sway the decision; in order to get their way.

My thoughts are as follows: Allow the man to starve himself as long as he wants. Either one of two thing will happen:

1) He will eventually eat when he gets hungry, or

2) He will die.

After all, he wants his freedom and said freedom comes with the responsibility to reap or suffer the consequences of one's actions. In any case, I guess he figures the sympathetic minds and hearts of the liberals will come to his rescue.

I could not care less what happens to him. I surmise he will eat when he gets hungry enough. If he does not, then the problem will take care of itself (as if HE will ever let it get that far.

"A fast is not a hunger strike. Fasting submits to God's commands. A hunger strike makes God submit to our demands." - Edwin Louis Cole


3rd ID guy said...

It amazes how darn Liberal our Country has gotten to be. It makes me so darn mad. Boot his ass out of here on the first plane flying!!!!!!!!!!

Average American said...

This article brings up another topic that really pisses me off. What about his three youngest kids who were born here? I think that law making them automatic citizens should be ABOLISHED, preferably retroactive for at least 20 years! But you watch NObama try to make all these criminal aliens legal. That my friends carries the likelihood of starting a revolution.

Texas Truth said...

3rd ID: And send his supporters with him.

Texas Truth said...

Average American: I called Kay Bailey Hutchinson today to urge her NOT to support the DREAM Act. If she does, she will never get my vote again,