Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Russian President Won't "Haggle" Over US Missile Defense Plans

The New York Times has reported Barack HUSSEIN Obama (aka Little Barry Soetoro, Oprah's Love Child, The Boy Wonder, BO) has written a secret letter to Russian President Dimitry Medvedev offering to halt the planned missile shield, which would be located mainly in Poland and the Czech Republic, in return for Moscow's help in stopping Iran from developing long-range nuclear weapons.

The Russian President said he's willing to discuss the proposed US missile shield with Washington. But he added that any deal linking those talks with negotiations regarding Iran would not be productive.

The Russian president welcomed the "positive signals" coming from the Obama administration with which he said he hoped to reach "agreements." "Haggling," however, was "not productive," added Medvedev.

It seems to me that the Russian President has figured out The Current Temporary Resident of the White House CAN be trifled with. Can you imagine any Russian leader being so cavalier with the American President?

I believe I see a lack of respect there. Who would have figured a Russian President dictating terms to The Current Temporary Resident of the White House? Certainly not under Reagan or either Bush.

"We are already working in close contact with our US counterparts on the Iranian nuclear issue. If we are to speak about some sort of exchange, the question has not been presented in such a way, because it would not be productive." - Russian President Dimitry Medvedev

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